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  • voltnfan voltnfan Apr 25, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    Great effect

    The fact that there was actually a decline on great news this week does not bode well for us as we move into the upcoming earnings report. Unfortunately, it does not appear they will have anything other than modest sales and script counts to discuss on the call. This combined with the very heavy initial early launch expenses will provide the shorts another opportunity to slam the stock. I am very long this stock and will be slammed for my comments but I am trying to realistically anticipate how that earnings call will most likely go and how the market will react. If Joe Z is anywhere near as vague as on the last earnings call and once again provides no guidance whatsoever we could see the market react in a very negative manner. I personally plan to sell covered calls or buy puts in anticipation of a weak earnings call to give myself some downside protection. As we all know stocks are slammed in this market for anything less than blowing out expectations. Unfortunately, Amarin will not have that luxury and due to enormous launch expenses will only be able to report enormous earnings losses at this stage. Folks I am just being realistic. I see very little opportunity for Joe Z to discuss anything at this early stage that will do much to impress the market. He will most likely make comments similar to the last call when his wording was that we are "pretty" pleased with early sales. Other than that he can only rehash what we all already know about patents and potential future indications. I anticipate the shorts will take full advantage of another opportunity to slam the stock further.

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    • Sold $5 (20 contracts for $1.50) and $6 (40 contracts for .68) covered calls a little earlier today on about one third of my long position. With that being said a sharp move upward will prove costly to me after the sale of those covered calls so I fully expect a major move to the upside. So just say thanks to me when the correct strategy with this stock proves once again to be the opposite of what I do.

    • I have a simple logic: AMRN has achieved more milestons for higher BO price now than what it did not achieve 6 months ago. So to me its long term investment. i will let it sit in my retirement account. The day it gets sold will be great!! i just don't worry about it!! Thats all!! you don't open your retirement account screen everyday, i bought this week, will buy more if goes down and look back at retirement account next year.

    • AMRN is more important drug than ARNA. AMRN fixes/protects cardiovascular disease (cholestorol and LDL) which is number one epedemic in the world today, than being fat. First we need to live and not get heart attacks to live by lowering cholestorols. so big pharma will take them by years end. i am happy i made my investment here. talk to you guys after the buyout, when ever it happens and we will celebrate. 1 or 2 dollar drop or up from here does nothing, just wait for the big pay day!!.

    • I only wish someone can tell me something overly impressive that Joe Z will be able to discuss on the next earnings call? I fear there is very little he can do at this point which will impress the market. I would certainly like to hear something more positive than rehashing "we will not launch Anchor alone if and when we receive that expanded indication."

    • I'm hoping that he mentions something about trying to execute a partnership deal to help launch Anchor. I'm going to hold AMRN through the Orange Book update and give it one more try. With the new FDA MAPP guidelines and snda, there is a chance we could get it in May. If not, I just don't see it happening until Anchor officially get approves in December. I think it will be time to liquidate my shares and invest elsewhere and then reinvest in 4th quarter. I still see the potential and think it will end well, it's just taking a lot longer than most people thought. Blame that on the FDA and indecisiveness on NCE. If it wasn't for that, I think there's a good possibility it would have been BO by now.

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      • He has tried to give the impression that he was trying to "execute" a deal with BP for at least two years now..

        Lazard have also been working on Amarin's behalf for two years trying to find a buyer for the company.

        A partnership can't possibly happen because of Vascepa's poor margins, no one will make any money between AMRN, BP and the suppliers.

        And why would BP pay a "tax" to AMRN for selling V when they can buy the API dierctly from the Japanese and the others?

        Forget AMRN's "patents", AMRN can't possibly defend themselves against BP.

        And that means no one will buy AMRN either.

    • Hey, Joe Z is executing brilliantly! This stock is the buy of a lifetime! It's going to $30 any day now! The BO price is only going up! Get with it!

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