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  • iamastockgenius iamastockgenius Apr 26, 2013 12:27 AM Flag

    This is a sticky by the moderator today Rawnoc on ihub

    This is what IHUB allows...Rawnoc also lied since we did not hit fresh 52 week lows today. IHUB allows a basher to be a moderator who stickies garbage lies and opinion on top.

    All longs need to leave ihub.


    Are we having fun yet?

    Because me and my net worth are having a blast. Thank you, AMRN, for the gains so far and the massive gains still awaiting as this POS heads under $2.00 in fast order."

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    • yes like I said before I suspect its that AH from SA writer that some how got put on as a moderator, everything was fine until he came along. But like no mo says put em on ignore, but he does have power. when I questioned why anyone that is a moderator would be putting down the stock of the board they are moderating my post was deleted fast and I was given a warning, LOL......I mostly just read on IHUB but the amrn board has clearly been hijacked and its like you cant even say hello to anyone without it getting deleted. I never have had this issue on any other ihub board in all the years.

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      • Rawnoc is clearly gaming (trolling) the system and going out of his way to delete posts for kicks if they don't follow the party line. iHub comes out losing as they have lost credibility as a serious site or forum. It reflects very poorly on the management and the site in general. You have to be a blind fool not to recognize Rawnoc for what he is...

        That said, like AtlasSnuggled keeps saying, stay away from personal comments. True, just saying Hi to someone might be targeted by Rawnoc's delete button. Bring it up with other Admins.

    • iamastockgenius, why dont you have him on ignore? Why do you put up with the #$%$? OMG, I had him blocked on day 2 (which was actually 1 day too long). I refuse to debate, argue, engage, ANY of these people. We all know who is worth reading................the rest are invisible.

    • tbh all boards have their positives and negatives. .kaylawa and jl provide great info thts y I read ihub not cz of rawnocs rubbish

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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