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  • georgebernardpshaw georgebernardpshaw May 17, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    Waiting for the month's OB is like...

    I was 13, and life was all about rock and roll and watching Mantle and Maris chasing Babe Ruth's single season home run record.

    Waiting for each month's OB release has become as suspenseful month in and month out as was watching every one of Roger Maris' at bats after he hit his 59th home run. Will it be this one...?

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    • Mickey corked his bats

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    • It's become more like watching paint dry to me.
      Trivia Question: Which is greater - the number of people following AMRN's NCE or the # of people at Yankee Stadium the day Maris broke the record? (Funny - Amarin almost sounds like home run)

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    • Hi George, I know just what you mean. I must admit, however, that I have virtually totally given up any short-range hopes or concerns. My vision is now tunnel-like on early 2014. I am resonably convinced (and putting my money where my mouth is) that by Q 1 in 2014 we will be somewhere between 20-25 pps. Rx sales will be up to a greater than currently anticipated level, Anchor will have been granted, combo data discussed, Reduce-it a year away,ads to professionals and perhaps lay public will be moving along (and hopefully, discussions by columnists in health, men's and women's mags, etc.) Either NCE or patent protections in place and recognized, possible/probable partnership and perhaps B.O. talks, etc. I am just about at the top of my possible total investment allowances and, foolishly or not, it is all in Amarin. Not planning in-and-out trading unless there is a really major gap up and then might look for an interim trade or two. I'll either look great and be much wealthier than I am now or look really, really foolish as I file for bankruptcy. (Ha ha, he says with just a wee bit of trepidation.) Best wishes, zbd

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      • Hi Doc,

        I have great confidence looking out to the middle of 2014 (short a domestic event or a world event which takes all the equity markets down). I take great satisfaction with every new patent granted. And, JZ and the crew offered nothing during the last CC to dampen my enthusiasm regarding the intermediate to long term future of the company and the stock price.

        Rather, holding the equity for over a year now, things have evolved to the point where I am not only looking for a pay day, I am also looking for justice. Has there ever been another stock as brutally bashed by this much half truth and misinformation as AMRN? (Equity market historians will forgive my ignorance and/or naivete). Even with an ignore list as long as the New Jersey Turnpike, it's impossible not encounter the #$%$ passing for journalistic truth, via the reactions of posters I am still reading. I want NCE granted, and soon, so I can smile and mentally affix a carrot nose and a conical hat on the person of each of AMRN's published detractors.

        One final thing, ZBD, I'll point to the lesson "professor" Akanz has been attempting to teach us. Diversification is a productive practice. I believe you stated your age some weeks ago. Doc, (at least) actuarially speaking you have quite a bit of life to live, and will have financial needs to fulfill until you no longer have life to live...thus the mention of diversification.

        Be well.

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    • Only Maris had at-bats more often than Friday of the second full week of the month... For the record, though, I'd rather have the chance to have seen Maris hit #61 than have us get NCE. Sadly, not an option!

    • who cares about NCE or no NCE. If you have confident in the sales of Vascepa, you buy and hold AMRN.

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    • George, my take on the waiting is... it could be to our advantage. The FDA delay in putting out the OB could mean something good? Got to keep things positive...yah know Vern?

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