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  • kkllfla May 25, 2013 8:44 AM Flag

    ANCHOR Approval

    This entire 'fish oil' phenomena is based upon the Mediteranean diet and lack of heart disease as it relates to longevity. There are literally 10's of years of data to support the 'fish oil' diet and heart health. So, Adam Farthead is now saying that there is no basis for any of this data and AMRN. How dumb is he ? OH, he isn't dumb, he is most likely in the pocket of MM's and just making some $$$. The clinical results provided to the FDA and the patient feedback empirically refutes Farthead's articles.
    The short term scripts and cash flow are points to note. But that is just that; short view..not big picture.
    Hold tight. This may not get to $30, but I surely see mid $20's.

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    • The Mediterranean diet is know to produce a lower incidence of heart disease.
      Also the control which was used was Olive oil which is believed to lower heart disease.
      Therefore the Italian study was flawed from the beginning.
      If they were trying to compare different oils against each other that is one thing but that was not their intent.
      They call themselves scientists?
      WHAT WE ALL WANT TO KNOW..... does fish oil work?
      Then stop comparing it to oils that have been implicated in lowering heart disease... DUH!!!

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    • KK , i agree ... there is a better mousetrap out there it's taking awhile for the healthcare community to get news of it. Compare the Jelis study participant's diet to the typical American diet the results of reduce it could be staggering... anyone with type 2 diabetes , elevated apoB and or apob, along with trig's that are borderline... if the key thought leaders become convinced that inflammatory markers indeed are better predictors of CVD events VASCEPA becomes prophylactic therapy for millions and i mean 10's of millions throughout the world :)

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      • 1 Reply to ranjovance
      • Agree gentlemen, thanks for posting. The thing that slays me is the lack of the Gubmint, particularly the FDA from seeing this an essentially doing very little to help the people of the USA with this pandemic. You clearly stated the JELIS study and the pronounced effect Vascepa will have to Americans and their diets. Geez, if we layman see this issue and have it figured out, #$%$ is wrong with our gubmint? Makes you crazy. Had the FDA handled the Space Program could you imagine where we'd be? Jesus, my 10 year old could figure this one out. The data is there already, what is the problem? God, I'm tired of this Administration, should have been gone long ago.

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