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  • akanz2 akanz2 May 30, 2013 9:26 PM Flag

    The importance of the Reduce it Trial

    I spend more time with Cardiologist then most on this board since I have 2 identified Lipid disorders , participated in a clinal trial with Fibrates and have been interviewed for the Reduce it Trial
    If the Reduce it Trial is successful it will mean that Vascepa is the only " fish oil " shown to reduce actual CV events ( heart attacks etc )
    IMHO because of the high risk patients used in this trial ( I have been trying to recuit patients on a small scale ...friends who have had heart attacks etc ) it's possible we MAY see some results by the end of 2014 .
    Simply run a life expectancy analysis ...use the Mayo Clinic ...enter average age 65 , had one heart attack ,has two stents , is a diabetic it out . The Trial started Dec 2012
    Amarin faces many headwinds to then ....not the least is reluctance to prescribe following the Niacin debacle ( read up on the Thrive trial ) ......however if they survive until the Reduce Trial announces results ...and if those results show clinical benefit in a US population ......How do you value AMRN

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    • Dr. Lundell out of Mesa, Az ... has some nice work in the area someone had posted a link of his data ... if this is correct waiting for reduce it to be completed may be too late for some .... i don't understand the risk of trying Vascepa with its safety profile? if i'm at a relatively higher risk for a CV event and have done everything on my end to minimize the risk and yet it's not enough why wouldn't i try Vascepa?

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      • Hi Ran ....well that's the issue with Outcome Trials and why the Jupiter trial was stopped once clinical benefit was established....after about 2 yrs
        So if it's evident by the end of 2014 , that Vascepa is reducing events among a high risk group ...I doubt if they would keep running it to 2016
        Jelis event lines for those with high TG and low HDL diverged after about 2 yrs
        So if Vascepa shows clinical benefit it will be the ONLY " fish oil " PROVEN to reduce events in a US population do you value that and would you sell the company before you had that trial data ?
        Until then we think Vascepa will reduce events but some Cardiogists do not want to prescribe until it's proven to reduce events

      • Hi ranj: I live close by to Mesa, AZ is about 35 miles. A suburb of Phoenix. Where was the good Doctors report link? TIA.


    • I should note for those that are going to mention the Jelis and GISSI trials.
      The Cardiologists I know discount Jelis because it was an open label trial and GISSI because at the start few were on statins but at the end most were.
      Amarins Reduce it trial is double blinded and carefully controlled by a respected leader in the field ( Dr Bhatt ) .....Cardiologists will pay attention to these trial results especially since it's in a largely US population.

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