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  • zoobuffdoc zoobuffdoc Jun 10, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    My Vascepa Use - 2 months

    I've used 3 GM V daily for 3 months. Not for tg/chol, but to try to reduce leg and feet aches and traumatic arthritis of both thumbs (car accident 11 yr. ago). I think that subjectively there may be some reduction of leg/foot pain; not sure about thumbs. As an aside, I have naturally low TG and chol. TG were reduced from 134 to 98. Not much change on any of the chol. fractions. Inflammation markers were not tested. I'l now stop taking I for 2 months and try to #$%$ whether arthritic and inflammatory dis omfort increases. (Test subject of 1 - not much real clinical value, but I do want to see for myself what V has been able to do, esp. with inflammation. ( do take 10 mg. Lipitor every other day prescribed by my internist because of my diabetes. zbd

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    • Zoo,
      I might take JL's and Ankanz2 advice and see if 4 grams will help you to get off of Lipitor as well as help with being a diabetic.

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    • How were you able to gain access to Vascepa?

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    • Zoo
      My own experience is that V works very well if the inflammation has a metabolic is related to EPA/AA factors. It is not as good if the inflammation is related to trauma...Also as mentioned on the Ihub board you should be taking the prescribed amount, 4gms and not your economy based 3gms...for your diabetes...nou probably already have peripheral neuropathies from the sound of things..

      ": ) JL

    • ZBD You might google " Clinical advances in type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk .... Dr Bhatt "

    • Zoo
      Thanks for the update -- you mentioned you had diabetes ? --- if so that could be a reason to continue taking Vascepa . I think Dr Bhatt ( Reduce it trial ) believes that if Vascepa shows clinical benefit ( ie reduces events ) , it will be seen in the diabetic population . Vascepa lowers small particle LDL count .
      Anyway JL and Ajax would know more and might comment if they see your post ....but I would be inclined to keep taking V if I was diabetic .
      Good Luck

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      • I know that Dr.Bhatt is focussing on Diabeties and CV risk. But Dr.Bay,Dr.Ballantyne and another doctor from Harvard CME panel did not mention diabeties when they showed results from Marine and Anchor trials.
        Is there differentiation by diabeties? I know people with CV risk include diabeties patients.
        As a matter of fact, I am on Lipitor since 1997,but my TG remained high with Lipitor. 6 years ago my Blood sugar went up to 130/145 with fasting. So I am taking Metaformin.
        I am taking Vascepa also which has reduced my TG by over 50%,LDL by 14% and HDL up 14%. My sugar dropped to 120 fasting--but hard to say whether it is due to metaformin or Vascepa.I think metaformin is the main reason.

    • Zoo: The N of one is not nothing when your the test subject. I am interested in the next results based on your plans! Not surprised it didn;t help the thumbs---maybe too acute of trauma versus the feet aches!



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