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  • starkravingmadamrn starkravingmadamrn Jun 13, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    AMRN's Management can learn something from CLSN's management

    Read CLSN's PR regarding misleading blog entry and remember what JZ did when an "insider" was misquoted. Look at the reaction of the share prices as a result. Simple conclusion - CLSN's management care about the interest of their stakeholders. What about JZ and his team, do they care?

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    • First of all, that "insider" was Dr. Brinton who stated publicly that he was misqouted, thus trashing what Summer St. claimed was said. Also, there was a direct response at the last investor conference by JZ in re a comment posted on here about Caremark. I can tell you mgmt. monitors these boards but doesn't feel the need to respond to every single nonsensical post.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • MORONS don't ever learn,LOLLLLLLLLLL

    • JZ is a joke and nobody cares what he says or does. Remember Offer of $15 a share or more offers then employees or NCE is much ado about nothing. Looking back over the last 8months I would have to say JZ is a LIAR SCAMMER or an IDIOT CLOWN. Not sure which but I know I wouldn't trust anything he says or does and that includes his goofball posse management clowns.

    • i personally like AMRN mgt's approach to PR and transparency. They focus on execution. We get press releases on things that progress the company's agenda (patent approvals, clinical study results, journal publications, etc.). They don't pay attention to smear campaign bloggers, and that's a good thing. The last thing you want to do is act like your back is up against the wall by responding to every hit piece. All these whining cry baby's are either wanna-be share holders who want to buy more at a lower price, or they are short. Either way, the fact that there are people who think a yahoo message board is critical to controlling price is enough to make me Laugh Out Loud!!

    • When companies resort to answering blogs with press releases it's usually a bad sign. CLSN put out a press release that completely overlooks the new facts the blog posted, it's just damage control but in reality CLSN is in bad shape, management is desperate and making desperate press releases. Check in a year where CLSN stock price is vs AMRN. You want management to run a company not PR on every negative article. I'll take AMRN management over CLSN any day,

    • blackholesblackscholes blackholesblackscholes Jun 13, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

      The answer is no (unfortunately), they don't care.

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