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  • mtdsus mtdsus Jun 13, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    Reduce-It study segmenting Diabetes patients at high risk CHD

    Saw CME video provided by Medscape (Heartwire) where 3 Cardiologists discuss Hypertigylceridemia and cardiovascular risk.They listed Reduce-It trials Patients with the following profile:
    Men& Women 45
    Establish CHD(70% patients)
    Or at high risk for CHD(diabetes T 1RF)
    TG 150mg./dl. and 15% or 2016
    It means that the study might be available before 2016--if diabetes help produce RRR 15%.
    If you recall JELIS achieved RRR of 19% after 5 years.---reduction in CV events.

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    • Since Dr.Topol's Op Ed in NY Times on Statins and Diabetes,the research on diabetes and CVD has increased sharply. Medscape(Heartwire) has several references on this research.
      Dr.Topol opined that dosage of Statins should be reduced to minimize diabetes caused by Statins.
      Also,I saw more research on TG/HDL ratio causing CVD or CHD.
      These articles suggest that TG/HDL ratio greater than 4.0 is related to higher incidence of CVD or CHD.
      Dr.Sinatra's video on this subject can be seen on Dr.OZ show.This video is from Dec.2012 show,but this show was shown again a few few weeks ago. As you know Dr.OZ is vice-Chairman of Columbia Univ.Hospital dept.

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      • Mtd
        Great post. Most of the research I've read indicates the benefit of a low TG/ HDL ratio. The research included sub groups in the Jelis trial and the Accord trial . The Accord trial used Fibrates and found that there was some benefit in reducing CV events in the high TG low HDL group ( going from memory here )
        My problem was that my TG's were around 210 and my HDL was around 30 a ratio of 7,,,,,which as you noted is related to a high incidence of CHD .......despite being on max dose statin .
        3 gms of EPA a day has got my TG's down to 135 and a lot of running / hiking has my HDL up to 40 ....a lot better TG / HDL ratio

        JL has noted the importance of lowering inflammation ..for myself , using an EPA or Vascepa to improve my TG / HDL ratio is just as important .

    • I corresponded with a top Cardiologist in US.He replied that Reduce-It study is much better designed than JELIS and he would become an advocate of Vascepa if that study produced positive results.
      This cardiologist worked with Dr.Bhatt.

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