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  • dendreonpro dendreonpro Jun 17, 2013 1:02 PM Flag

    Attrition At AMRN

    Got on Linked In and see a lot of attrition going on within the AMRN ranks. I don't know if it's layoffs or what as AMRN shows up as a "past employer". Also for almost all these people, you can't review their profile to determine when they may have left the organization. Most individuals seem to be in the sales/QA/support roles. If buyout/partnership discussions are ongoing, I'm sure it's leaked throughout the organization not necessarily with who or timing. Anyone know if Joe hired the sales force directly or used contract employees when V was launched in January?

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    • Cafe-pharma has a few posts with salesman saying they were "laid off" though only a few and only anonymous and 1 or 3 of the posts are clearly just bashing posts and not a salesman. Considering they are advertising 9-10 Sales positions on the website seems they may be replacing some poor performing salespeople, may not have made the probationary period.

      If there is more to it would only mean they have a partnership deal pretty much done with a sales force coming on and thus no need to keep anybody.

      Obviously we can see the scripts and thus related revenue/growth so any sales people being let go would be due to poor performance, there is no logic to seeing script growth regularly and then letting go performing sales people. They are on pace for 150 million 2014 Marine sales and enough cash to mid 2014 not factoring in the partnership for Anchor so my best guess is any sales changeover is related to performance issues.

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      • Cafe pharma is a joke. I just noticed there is also a post saying the sales force is expanding. Problem with cafe pharma is anyone can post anonymously and most of the posts sound contrived by people playing on Wall Street. PATHETIC!!

      • I went back to Linked In and did a brief count of Amarin employess on the site. There are 159 profiles referencing AMRN as a current/past employer. Of those 159, 45 are "former" employees. That translates into a staggering 42%. However these individuals could have left anytime since launch (all former employees list AMRN as their MOST RECENT former company) thus putting timing in perspective. I also checked Amarin under the "corporate" header - thinking there could be more that just one Amarin out there, however, just the bio tech company is listed. While there's significant movement in the industry, I find 42% attrition to be rather high.

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