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  • jtannercc jtannercc Jun 25, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    Today's price movement

    It's Noon and we've already seen twice as much volume as usual. The price was driven down about 10% and now seems to have leveled off and may even be moving up again. Does anyone but me see a pattern here? There is no news that I'm aware of to spark this kind of move and the major markets are all up. My opinion, FWIW, is the MMs are bargain hunting by driving the price down and buying retail holders stock. At least those retail holders that are short term and don't have any faith or patience. As I said, JMO. 8)

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    • Actually 90% of the volume so far was only in the first 2.5 hours, almost zilch after that....
      I supposed some mutual fund or big investor just unloaded their shares.
      I hope they don't know something we don't know... but I am mostly wrong based on my experience...

    • Speaking of patterns, big volume days in which the pps has dropped considerably all seem to be happening towards the end of the month. Big volume days in which the pps goes up tend to be in mid-month. I see a pattern, but not sure if there's a valid explanation.

    • Its time for the management to make a deal for buy-out if they can not increase the sale of vascepa.

    • It is 100% manipulation - period. The share price now has no relation to the value of the Company. It is the big players feeding off negative sentiment to drive the share price down. This "will" pop in a day or two or a week at most so these prices will not be around much longer. It's a gift. It may sound like pumping (can't help that), but the "worse" case scenario now is that Big Pharma will use this to force Amarin to sell at a lower PPS than Amarin would like .... and I'm talking about 12-15 pps.... so do the friggin math bozos. (sorry - cranky today).

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      • Have to agree jr, in the absence of news (of the good variety) the main story is the scripts and that takes time to build into proven demand. In this lack of regular trading demand the MMs set the pps and the options traders are free to play all the games they want (for now). Looks like a long hot summer. Good time to take a vacation. C'mon autumn. . .8)

    • Concur..maThis morning there were a couple of times where it wanted to recover and it had manipulated drops on low volume. Once they achieved a decent drop fear and panic did the rest and people scrambled. No news, markets down, everyone skittish and have been losing money the last couple of days makes for a perfect bear raid scenario. Long term this stock is fine..short term expect volatility.

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    • As soon it's green, I'll start pumping of NCE....... eheh

      All you say makes sense.
      Most say "hey, this was supposed to be a bargain since the 9.... and look where are here. How uch time for stealing shares?".
      Well, that's not completely correct.
      I'd say that BEFORE it made no sense the "stealing shares" theory. Mainly because we were on the 85%+ in big holders.
      Now we are 50%+.
      So if it's true many big investors did dump after the GIA announce, it could be correct what you're saying now.

      So, buyback?
      Hope so.

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