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  • dendreonpro dendreonpro Jun 26, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

    Bloodwork - On 2 Grams Vascepa Per Day

    I've been on Vascepa 2 grams per day (2 pills per day) since early February. I'm probably part of what would be defined as the Anchor indication since my previous trig's were 164 (August 2012):

    Cholesterol (6/22/2013) 117
    Cholesterol (8/2012) 133

    HDL (6/22/2013) 35
    HDL (8/2012) 30

    Triglycerides (6/22/2013) 120
    Triglycerides (8/2012) 164

    LDL (6/22/2013) 58
    LDL (8/2012) 70

    Cholesterol:HDL Ratio (6/22/2013) 3.3
    Cholesterol:HDL Ratio (8/2012) 4.4 ------Acceptable Range 1.0-5.0

    HS-CRP (6/22/2013) Not Measured
    HS-CRP (8/2012) 0.035 -------- Acceptable Range 0.000-0.744

    Very Low Lipoprotein (6/22/2013) 24 ----------Acceptable Range 0-30

    Apolipoprotein B (6/22/2013) 72 ---------------Acceptable Range 52-100, Borderline 111-127, High 127

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    • Interesting.I compared my 2013 results with 2009. TG down 52%,HDL up 16%,LDL down 18%,Cholestrol down 15%. Reason: My TG was much higher before 2009 and I was experimenting with Fish Oil based on a cardiologist suggestion. I tried one pill 1000mg a day--did not do anything.I raised it to 3 pills--3000mg--later found a smaller size pill with equivalent EPA.Finally in 2012,switched to PLUSEPA.,then Vascepa in 2013.
      I even communicated with Dr.Barry Sears in 2013--he suggested higher dose of EPA should work.My CRP was OK in 2009.But came down more.
      I communicated with different people incl.Italians who did Fish Oil studies.The problem is DOSAGE that they used. Low dosage does not work. If you recall,JELIS used 1800mg./day of 96% EPA and Japanese eat fish which gives them 250mg./day of EPA. So a dosage of 2000mg./day is a must.
      Dr.Barry Sears suggests that 6 gram or 6000mg. of EPA/day would lower AA/EPA ratio dramatically that is a better measure of Inflammation than C-RP. He sent me a 2011 article in Atheroscl./Thrombosis journal published by Japanese that showed AA/EPA ratio dropped from 1.6 to 0.8 for JELIS group of people.
      However Dr.Sears told me that Americans average AA/EPA ratio is close to 4.0-- danger level is 3.He predicted that 6 gram /day of VASCEPA would produce dramatic results for Reduce-It group.

    • Great results and thanks for posting. Are you taking a statin?
      I just started on 2 grams plus my generic lipitor at 20mg. I am hoping at 2grams Vascepa can ease the muscle cramp side effects of lipitor. I will post my bloodwork in about 3 months.

    • Impressive for 2 Grams a day dose

      I'll be posting mine in a few weeks

    • Geez Den , you will live for ever ; )
      My best lipid panels ever , never even come close to your worst !
      Thanks for posting

    • thanks fr the update and glad to hear that its working for you both as an investor and a pharmacist :)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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