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  • patrick.pezzello patrick.pezzello Jun 27, 2013 11:51 AM Flag


    INVESTORS!!!! I'm not supposed to be saying this, but I know someone very high up in the Big Pharma world, and he mentioned to me that GSK is waiting for the ANCHOR approval of 36 MILLION patients to be awarded prescriptions to Vascepa, and a HUGE OFFER will be made for the company at that point, and ONLY at that point! Think about it, GSK bought Lovaza, a drug that can only treat people with higher than 500 mg of triglycerides per deciliter in the blood (ONLY about 4 million people in the US) for $1.6 BILLION DOLLARS, and VASCEPA CAN TREAT PEOPLE FROM 250+ mg of triglycerides per deciliter in the blood (40 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE US!!!). If GSK spent $1.6 billion for a drug that can only treat 10% of the population Vascepa can treat, what do you think they'll spend for a drug that can treat 10x the amount of people?!?!? Obiously 10X the price!!! OR CLOSE TO IT!!! MAKING THE BUYOUT PRICE CLOSE TO $16 BILLION DOLLARS!!! 16 billion dollars puts the stock close to $64!!!! BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BEFORE THE ANCHOR RESULTS ARE ANNOUNCED!!! YOU WONT BE SORRY!!!!

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    • See.... these were all good speculations 12 months ago before the GIAlone decision.
      Months have passed... one non diluitive financing.... launch under expectation of drunk analysts (because reality is that launch is doing very good).... if we are lucky there will be another NON-diluitive financing... but bet there will be another..... still no NCE decision.... Omthera bought out.....
      And we are here.. under 6$... down from the 15$.

      That says those numbers are pure fantasies..... now, I say.
      Just wait the events.
      None buys for over 120% premium.

      Nevetheless, we see unbelievable stories in Bios.... like VRUS.... 10 Bil$ for a phase 2 drug.... far from paying off any $.

      First step: rally to ANCHOR BEFORE a diluition..... or that would postpone any approach to 2 Bil$ in MCAP.

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      • The fact of the matter is that Vascepa is the first prescription grade fish oil medication available in history to be able to offer help to those in need in the mid to high levels of triglycerides in the blood. Never before in history has a doctor been able to prescribe someone a medication to help lower their triglyceride levels if they didn't surpass the 500 mg mark.....over 36 million people have triglyceride levels between 250 and 500, and once doctors start to see the magnificent results of vascepa on their patients, this WILL be the biggest drug in America, and the world as a whole. I whole heartedly believe this to be true. Everyone who is shaking because of the stock price needs to wake up and stop being such short term thinkers....think beyond! 2014 and beyond! This price is an unbelievable opportunity for institutions and hedge funds, and they will be taking full advantage of it. The only people selling are the people getting chased out because they are scared. Be a contrarian, when others are selling and running for the hills, BUY BUY BUY!!!

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    • todhale Jun 27, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

      PATRICK!!!! I'm not supposed to be saying this, but I know someone very high up in Federal law enforcement who has connections to all of the investigative agencies.
      Is that your real name...Patrick Pezzello? Let me write that down.

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    • a good friend of mine told me a friend of his was sitting by his uncle who was talking to his sisters friend and a squirrel dropped a pecan and when it cracked open the pieces formed into a message that said buy before anchor results released, but if you looked at it upside down it looked like jesus, but he said it tasted good so gathered more and made a pecan pie.....true story.

    • I will give you 64 bucks if you promise you will never post here again.

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