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  • gigamegakilobyte gigamegakilobyte Jul 2, 2013 7:38 AM Flag

    What happens to the stock on October 16?

    Hey everyone. The FDA approval for ANCHOR is in December, but as many of us know, there is a recommendation board where ANCHOR will be either encouraged or discouraged.
    What effect do you think that will have on the stock? Will it get a good sized bump over night, or will we need to wait for the FDA approval? Or will we need to start seeing money actually flow into the company through sales?
    I know this is all speculation, but I'd like to get peoples opinions on this.

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    • Thanks for the responses. And do you expect the recommendation to be made public that day, or could it be a few days before it's available to the general public?

    • History is pretty clear with Amarin that a positive FDA Board recommendation will have a major impact on the share price. If they say 'yes' it should be improved for Anchor inclusion than it is basically a done deal the market for Vascepa immediately increases 10 fold. It could easily double or more on this news. Look at history. This happened before with Amarin. The issue then was "buy out sentiment" ... the issue now is Massive increase in market potential. Jump of at least 80% over current share price (although will run up before this as always happens).

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    • It will not trade on Oct.16th,2013-Resume trading on Oct.17th.

    • In the Fall, we harvest the crop.

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    • If ADCOM thumps up, what do you expect FDA to do? Only approval without any questions!
      So, the stock price should be fully reflected as FDA decision.
      I think the ADCOM just makes Christmas party earlier 2 months. AMRN will be year high by Oct 17

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    • I personally think that a "thumbs up" from the advisory board group will have a positive $1.00-$2.50 impact on the price and lead to a little-by-little run-up to the decision in December. A "thumbs down" for the advisory committee will tank the stock, probably 40%-50%, maybe even a bit more. That said, based on what that advisory committee is supposed to analyze, I fully anticipate a thumbs up. If not, there will be many lawsuits filed against the company/management for misleading (whether those would be frivolous or not, I do not know... I just know lawyers will jump at the chance to file suit).

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      • 1 Reply to fsulevine
      • Half agree.
        Thumbs up...... instantly back in 10/15$ area.
        thumbs down.... I think -90%, something like AFFY. Let's remember this Co. is over valued as every Biostock..... more over, if not approved by FDA, this could be the death for our investment.
        I don't think it will happen, but if FDA says.... "wait boys... everything is 99%ok but we won't approve until REDUCE iT data".... we're dead.
        Company is not dead, but our investments are.
        I think it's that kind of fear creeping around that keeps PPS at these ridicule area.

        I see, low return to 7/9$ from now.......... then thumb up (ADCOM) and 10/15$ area the day after ADCOM.
        After that, don't know.


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