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  • mtdsus mtdsus Jul 3, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    Problem with JELIS original article in Lancet-2007

    I have communicated with 5 top Cardiologists in USA on JELIS study. The Jelis study investigators did not do full justice in this first article--except saying that CV events reduced by 19%. The other problem was confusing statement about TG reduction.
    Later in Heartwire interview article,Dr.Yokoyama speculated that Inflammation might have been key factor.However,he never offered concrete data. That did lot of harm to JELIS acceptance in America by Cardiologists who hung on to statins.
    Later in 2008 article by Saito with Dr.Yokoyama-- they disaggregated data for TG 150mg./dl. and HDL 2.0 with average of 4.2-over 3.0 danger line.
    These Cardiologists respect Dr.Bhatt--and worked with him at the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic etc.They told me that Dr.Bhatt is conducting Reduce-It study properly for CV risk group and measuring proper CV lipid profile along with diabetic and inflammation indicator.
    One of the top cardiologist told me Keep taking drugs that work for you-which includes Lipitor,Vascepa, Metaformin as after 40 years,my lipid is OK. Hope Reduce-It results soon.

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