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  • nm10066 nm10066 Jul 9, 2013 3:25 PM Flag


    In the end Mr. Z. had no choice but to hang on and market this thing himself, but perhaps he could have done a co-marketing agreement, which he told all of us he would not do because he did not want to give up control of the marketing or the product. Well that's all water under the bridge right now. If your heavenly invested and dollar averaged down as many did you have no choice but to wait out the year and see what the new Anchor Indication brings. It could get back a lot of your money, especially if scripts continue to tract positive, which I have no reason to believe they won't. The only thing that would really turn around this whole thing right now is a positive ruling on NCE which I don't see in the cards this year. My guess is at some time after the panel decides on the Anchor Indication the company will be sold. If the results of the "Reduced It" trial are looking positive we might get a better offer. If we get NCE and the trial is looking good, we might get an even better offer. Anyway you look at it, this year should tell us a lot about the outcome. It's a great product but that does not mean we will make money. JL knows his bio-science but his business I.Q. is somewhat limited. He wanted Amarin to self-market this product but I don't think he ever understoood that it still takes money to run a company and this market is much different then he invisioned. JL just thought this product would just go flying off the shelves, but that was a very simplistic view. This will take time and money and that's what Joe Z. is trying to buy with this unfortunate offering. He had no choice at this late date but to buy some more time for all of us.

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    • I really have to wonder about your emotional IQ . Why you would insist on bringing up JL is beyond me. With caps and in a title to a thread no less. Nothing that has happened has anything to do with JL. He is just another investor with an opinion. He was one a few that called this correctly as respects Amarin going it alone. Did he anticipate the price action correctly? No. Neither did you apparently, otherwise you wouldn't feel the need to complain so loudly because you wouldn't be here.....would you?

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      • Richinjun, I clearly didn't convey my purpose in my previous post very welll or surely you would have not responded the way you did. You may recall that he and I had a disagreement over whether it would be best to take a buy out or "go it alone". He really got upset with anyone who disagreed with his views. I made the point that this tiny company did not have the resources or managed care clout to "go it alone". He said Vescepa didn't need the Big Pharma guys to push it, that all the doctors would be well read and it would just go flying off the self. He clearly was wrong and now amarin may be forced to do things it would rather not do just to remain alive. Yes, Joe Z did have to go it alone because he wasn't offered a good price, but we would have all been better off had we got a good price and got out. That's why I said the doctor got what he wanted. The point is that a Doctor is not businessman and posters shouldn't listen to him like he is a "God".

    • good to see you posting again nm what a nightmare this has turned out to be for me anyway hope you made out a little better still remember sttting there looking at $16 on my computer saying sell you dummy then the greed monster struck again.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • ilovedthe80_s, At least the next 4 or 5 months should tell us what we need to know. Hold on, it's too late to get out now, and I really believe this thing can turn out better then we all think. I'm of the belief the FDA will give Amarin a fair chance for success, knowing they need the company to survive long enough for the "Reduced It" trial to show results. Getting a decision on NCE would go a long way in doing that but it may be too much to hope for, but I have to believe they will get a favorable panel decision on the Anchor decision. That should at least get someone interested in a Co-marketing agreement in which case I believe Joe Z. will have to consider if a offer to his liking does not come along.

    • JL is an idiot. glad I don't see his stupid gibberish

    • So your view is that they did this raise now, to survive a potential no from the Panel/FDA for the Anchor indication?

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      • no coumery, Anchor will come, it has to unless you throw out everything we know about keeping Trigs low. If scripts keep growing and when the Anchor is approved I believe the stock get back to double digits, but if we get a buy out in the high 20's or low 30's depends on patent protection, NCE, and there in lies the question, plus the on going results of the "Reduced It" trial. No matter how much money you have sunk into this stock your likely to get more back if you hang on.

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