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  • akanz2 akanz2 Jul 12, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

    Jesse Livermore is right least on the science

    Poster Jesse Livermore used to post informative pieces on this site until driven off by obnoxious posters .
    He frequently made the argument that it was all about Vascepa's ability to lower inflammation

    Online today in the Journal of Lipidology is the following article " Omega -3 fatty acids : mechanisms underlying "protective effects " in atherosclerosis "

    If you are going to invest in AMRN I am this morning ..I suggest you pay for and download this article ...and ask yourself which of the Omega 3 , FDA approved drugs can produce these " protective effects " without raising LDL cholestrol

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    • AK...As you probably know better than I do, poor management can trump good science just about
      any day. Especially in these bios. The better product, or science is unfortunately not always the winner.
      I think AAPL is finding that out after the passing of Jobs. We may end up being example "2"..LOL! GL!

      • 1 Reply to fghton
      • The response of Amarin mangement to yesterday's IED relative to EPA AND DHA on national TV is
        an example of an arrogance that the science will trump all and the drug will sell itself on its merits.
        I am disappointed that they did not take this seemingly negative event and issue a press release to
        the effect that the study failed to identify any distinction between EPA and DHA and to cite many other studies that place the burden of the result on DHA. Their web site posting essentially says that but is not easily found nor available to the wide audiance already sensitized by the CNBC Gloom and Doom story. This was a chance to #$%$ a victory from the otherwise negative event. I cant impagine a PFE or a MRK just posting a rejoinder on their web page. That is the type of Marketing that Amarin seems to lack.

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