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  • The amount of unadulterated vitriol in AF's recent comments on AMRN, whether in his columns or in his gloating taunts on Market Pulse, clearly shows that either he is unhinged or is in collusion with those who wish to see Amarin damaged, if not destroyed.

    If the SEC were wise (dream on), it would launch an investigation into AF's connections with said entities that wish to see Amarin damaged, if not destroyed. Or maybe just to pick up a blockbuster product for a song......

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    • I think he is unhinged.
      ARNA & AMRN are his biggest failures.
      It has become personal to him. He's obsessed.

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      • I agree that he's completely obsessed with trying to damage AMRN's share price and Vascepa's reputation. reputation . His "journalism" is not journalism at all... ( In fact, he has no educational credentials as a journalist... if I'm not mistaken, his degree is in political science, ). He almost never issues a retraction, even when he's been proven wrong and in the exceedingly rare cases where he's admitted to spewing erroneous "data" he almost always adds a disclaimer that seeks to negate his apology or acknowledgment of error. I suppose that in all fairness, I should give him some credit for at least being able to type on a keyboard as that would indicate that he's actually learned to walk/stand on his hind legs. Most swine are incapable of such a feat.

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