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  • harveyspecter357 harveyspecter357 Jul 16, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    This is why trying to have discussions gets fustrating...

    Some of you really make me laugh... I see person after person that bring up this STUPID argument about Cardiac data in relation to Vascepa... Ok so lets call you ppl out..

    Lovaza on mkt 7 years now does $1 bill in sales
    Niacin does $900 mill in sales

    Both these drugs sell and ppl have tried to say they are competition for Vascepa.

    Yet Niether drug has access to Anchor, Niether drug is safer then Vascepa and Niether drug works as effective as Vascepa and Niether drug can combine with a Statin like Vascepa.

    Yet I see bs after bs about how this data doesn't support Vascepa and this bs with fish oil is BAD for Vascepa.. ARE you ppl serious.. How can you apply speculation to a drug like Vascepa when its mkt will be 10x's larger then ALL OTHER Rx and OTC drugs, but NEVER bring up the same speculation for the competition.. But then you wanna say that those drugs are competition for Vascepa..

    YOUR speculation and arguments HOLD NO WATER!!!! This is why going back and forth with most on these boards is unreal..

    It's like saying "My basketball team" CAN'T beat your B-Ball team all bc my team can't play Football and ur team is great Chess... That's how much sense every argument has been when comparing other data and other drugs to Vascepa.. Congrats to WS they have really pulled the wool over so many ppl...

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    • apparent and obvious is back claiming to take EPA with same purity as Vascepa. He couldn't respond to my taunt a few weeks ago and still can't because apparently and obviously he is a liar basher.

    • It is apparent and obvious that apparentandobvious is just another basher that can't back up his claims.

    • Come on apparent and obvious. Provide us all the currently available product names and where we can purchase products with the same or better purity EPA than Vascepa. Otherwise, we will all know you are just another basher.

    • Yo! apparent and obvious, please provide the currently available product names and where i can buy them, that has the same or better EPA purity that Vascepa has.

    • There is NO scientifically proven FDA accepted testing that has proven that taking EPA and lowering your triglyceride level will result in lower cv events.

      People generally believe that Omega 3's improve your health resulting in reduced cardiovascular events and death, but nobody has been able to prove it to the FDA.

      On top of everything, pure pharma grade EPA is available from various companies. Most do not require prescription and all of the expenses involved with that process. So, even if Amarin can show that pure pharma grade EPA reduces cv events, people can buy any of the available pharma grade pure EPA products out there.

      People who believe in pure pharma grade EPA have been taking it for many years. Vascepa, a new brand name, could completely fold if ANCHOR is delayed and or if REDUCE-IT fails to demonstrate statistically significant needed data.

      Roulette anybody?

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      • ah, another genius! why did FDA approve Lovaza and Vascepa in the first place? something to do with phase I,II and III trial results?

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      • Apparent, if you have very high triglycerides and you do nothing, you will likely suffer a heart attack or pancreatitis If you take something to reduce the triglycerides, or change your diet, or exercise, you are less likely to suffer these problems. Doing nothing is devastating. The question isn't whether Vascepa helps those with very high tri's avoid serious consequences, the question is if taking Vascepa is more advantageous to other things you could do. Your opening sentence is 100% wrong because people with triglycerides in the 500+ level who do nothing will have more adverse events than those below 500 mg/dl. That's proven science.

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    • It's not a STUPID argument. Any drug or supplement needs to cure or lower your risk of some disease. That's the whole basis of drugs. Otherwise, what's the sense of lowering trigs and cholesteral if there is no benefit, they're just numbers. Heart disease is the leading killer in this country and that is what will drive the sales of Vascepa.

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      • Chaz, you're right in that the Reduce-It outcome is important. Vytorin, with a long list of side effects, had managed to become a $2B+ drug until recently. It was widely thought the combo drug would help outcomes, but it didn't at all and it's still selling over $1.5B/year in sales, (annoying side effects and all). Unlike Vytorin, Vascepa already has a jaw dropping study backing the "theory" it reduces heart disease in JELIS. Another huge plus for Vascepa is the lack of side effects, (the clincher for ANCHOR IMO), and the additional beneficial life improving effects, like reduced joint pain and improved mood. Even in the unlikely event Reduce-It fails somehow, Vascepa is not a menace, it's more of a miracle. Quality of life is important too and people who feel better go to their doctors less and that helps reduce health care costs. Note that no other drug applying for combo's with statins has a JELIS type study to fall back on as proof of efficacy. Oh, one more thing, and it's overlooked so often it needs to be mentioned. Vytorin actually does improve heart disease outcomes, just not in comparison to being on a statin alone. Lovaza improves outcomes, just not in comparison to being on a statin alone. Vascepa will definitely improve outcomes and it will go beyond what statins do if JELIS is any guide.

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    • If you have been looking at these posts as long as I have, then you would have come to the conclusion that the only real idiot is yourself for reading and believing these posts from what...virtual people on the internet? So since I came to that same conclusion a long time ago, I just merely amuse myself by reading the rhetoric on these boards. And, after all, its the big whales that make the splash, not a bunch of retail nobodies who all have an opinion which don't mean zip. Some no doubt, get a kick out of getting to you and others. Whats most amazing, is that I believe 60 percent or more of these posters don't have a dime invested either way.

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    • Listen..... take it easy...
      Here you find ppl like me who bought on the 7.... did run to 15 and now.... well, never mind.... you have a picture.

      All potentials are real. And I keep saying that in worst scenario (no buyout, no NCE, and more diluition, with obviously good sales of 150 Mil$/year by 2015) we could see 2 Bil$ by 2016.

      All runs around one little particular... the ANCHOR market. Does it exist? I mean for real? Or those jolly managers (+analysts +variour bums) inflated a little the cake?
      I'm not speculating about estimated numbers of ppl with trigs on the 200/500 area..... I mean this: "what kind of % of these ppl will get prescription with an EPA (then, with V)?"
      Truth is that nobody really knows...... if it was a sure bet, we wouldn't be at 5$.

      The MARINE is a sure bet.... I think more in the 100/150 Mil$/year, and that would push the stock back to the 1.5/2 Bil$ (x15 multiplier + speculation).
      After that, we have to see how the ANCHOR indication rolls


    • Harvey, I don't blame you for no longer posting. We are all frustrated with Amarin management and you are as well if you are truthful with yourself.

    • Bye bye! You start a thread requesting a serious discussion about vascepa and you don't like what you hear and check out. You say you played basketball so I guess you can equate this to taking your ball and going home!

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