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  • playpuses Jul 19, 2013 1:06 AM Flag

    I'm okay with waiting

    longer it stays at this price...... the longer i have to free up some cash..... double up my shares.... and lower my strike price..... get a big pay day in about 6 months....Its that easy........

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    • Well said. I doubt it stays at this price even through tomorrow. The winds of change have occurred; the Vascepa monster is now fully awake and about to eat somebody. This is the moment in time where tier 2 pull through shows up and Reduce-It divergences become pronounced for the earliest enrollees. If, as suggested by a poster on ST yesterday, AMRN reps are allowed to use JELIS as a sales tool beginning in August, early Reduce-It results have spoken. Check out the 18 month mark in the sub-group, (the same group that Reduce-It is testing), in the new investor presentation on page 14. It speaks volumes. Also note the meeting with JPM yesterday coincides with this possible change. Also note the recent financing is for almost the precise amount needed to pay off the Pharmacon loan, saving AMRN and any potential suitor about $30M in future payments. Actually AMRN has to pay off the loan before partnering or having a BO take place to avoid paying a $20M penalty. Everything recently seems to make a lot more sense now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Hey FrenzyChess, I do agree moving forward it should be an exciting time for AMRN. However I do want to caution regarding Reduce-IT "early" results. Reduce-IT is a double blinded study, meaning both participants and researchers don't know who is given placebo and who isn't. This blind is strictly maintained until the study finishes (reaches 1612 efficacy events), until then it's impossible to know how well the study is going or if divergence lines have occurred. So Reduce-IT really is an all or nothing deal. Given all that i've read about it, I believe Reduce-IT will be immensely successful. But "preliminary data" or "sneak peaks" are a technical impossibility.

      • playpuses Jul 20, 2013 1:29 AM Flag

        Joe z might look like a douche at this point! but to get shares at half the price i paid when i first took a stab at this company is exactly what the doctor ordered.....Joe z has something up his sleeve i have an odd feeling people will be praising him in a few months instead of completely tear him a new ass every other minute ......Putting a lot of my eggs in this basket because this stock will hit at least 10$ before dec 20 and if we get anchor ..Forget about it.....Money will be made!!!!!!

      • Why has there been no confirmation of the jels news. I find it suspect news that big has not been released no matter how bad management is at PR.

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