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  • rocky9188 rocky9188 Jul 23, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    When will AMRN turn around?

    Vaspeca scripts are constantly rising yet the stock is constantly falling. With a near term catalyst with the ANCHOR decision... when do you all predict AMRN will turn around? Are we near the bottom or can it possibly fall below $5?

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    • if today can take out yesterdays highs we will have key ouside reversal day which is strong sign of bottom so far we just have reversal day which is good

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    • Rocky,
      No one really knows the answer to your questions. But everyone can speculate. I would love for the pps to go below $5.00 so that I can load more. Based on my own DD I believe Amarin has a great product which will eventually reward the smart investor.

      One thing you must keep in mind though is that Shorts almost always win in the short term. I reproduce here something I read a while ago using an analogy.

      Imagine you bought a brand new TV and and you place the receipt on the table. A visitor came to your home and picked up the receipt. He has the confidence that he can purchase the exact same model at a much lower price. So he proceeds to the store and return return your TV. Then buy another one from somewhere else at a lower price.

      When you get home yo start watching your TV not knowing that your visitor has made a bundle on your original purchase. This simple story/example explains how Shorts make their money. They only lose when a Company gives a dividend or get bought out at premium price.

    • So I ask a legitimate question relating to AMRN, and I get 4 dislikes and no replys. Ha so I guess this board is also littered with immature little kids again. I really dont understand what these people get out of bashing random companies on yahoo forums trying to make people lose money. One day I hope these idiots look back and realize how much of an immature #$%$ they were in their younger years.

      Sigh... anyway, if there are any mature adults who would like to discuss the question at hand, feel free to chime in...

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      • well said rocky..well said!!!

      • Yo Rocky! This certainly can fall below $5, we're there basically. It won't stay there, the secondary price of $5.60 will suffice to buoy shares. We do have some unspoken catalysts just beneath the surface here, such as combo data lipid numbers that haven't been released and large hedge funds seeing risk/reward here as too promising at $5.31. That JPM meeting last week intrigues me because it comes on the heels of the secondary offering for almost the exact amount necessary to pay off the Pharmacon loan and avoid penalty prior to a partnership or buyout. In a normal world we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Vascepa is a multi-billion dollar product regardless of how this plays out. With plenty of cash on hand AMRN can do what they want at this point. It's strange that JPM predicted a "gradual" increase in scripts back in Dec. 2012 with a $20 price target and we have that gradual increase but a baffling $5 stock. JZ and crew have done almost nothing wrong. Being powerless over the confounding FDA delay on NCE is not managements fault. If we continue to fall from here it wouldn't be a big surprise, but once August hits, the ANCHOR advisory committee becomes a focal point and should lead the shares higher. IMHO the bottom is here.

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      • Hi Rocky
        Well I will give it a shot "when will AMRN turn around "
        It will turn around when one of the following happens
        1) We see a marked drop in sales of Lovaza and Niaspan coinciding with an acceleration in sales of Vascepa.
        2) Joe Z announces a partnership of some kind to launch the Anchor sales
        3) When "lynch mobs " dominate this board and long time bulls attack each other on IHUB.
        Hmmmm! we seem pretty close to 3) ...maybe I'll buy tomorrow.

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