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  • mp15shoot mp15shoot Aug 6, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

    Amarin: Slow and Steady

    Price Decline should have been the Seeking Alpha article. I sincerely hope for all of us "longs" that Amarin Management has something really outstanding to report during the teleconference. But I'm not holding my breath.

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    • BioTechWill, the author of said Seeking Alpha article responds and gives bad advice to sell my shares and move on so he can continue cheerleading without interference. Sorry pal, some of us are realistists and have the right to express our complaints. My advice to you is put me and any other complainer realists on ignore so you can continue to view Amarin in your rose colored glasses.

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      • Actually, what I said was that if you are so certain that it is going down and headed for doom, then it would make more sense for you to exit your position than to continue whining about it and predicting worse things. Logically, if you think things are going to get worse and you do not expect them to get better, then you should exit the stock. I think this is the same advice anyone would give you, if that is what you truly believe. You are not expressing complaints when you whine... you are just whining.

        A realist takes the facts that exist and makes decisions accordingly. If you own Amarin and hope for good things, it doesn't really do you much good to whine on public message boards, other than to express your own frustration and anger, which I totally understand. If this is all you are doing, then I apologize for misunderstanding. It seems to me that posting your same message multiple times, and on multiple websites, goes a bit beyond a "complaint" since it doesn't actually complain - it expresses lack of faith in anything positive occurring, which is more of a fatalistic prediction.

      • I have bought and sold Amarin since 2007 and i have never shorted it, which obviously has been a mistake over the last year. I made great gains when it spiked to around 19 a couple years back since i sold all around 17. But I started accumulating back too early starting at around 10 as it has drifted down over the last year and my current average is around 7.5. Shareholders have a right to complain about ineffective management and Amarin management has been very ineffective at retaining shareholder value over the last year or so. Proof is in the pudding and the pudding is the share price. BioTechWill is one of several technical posters who have done a very good job at explaining the technical benefits of Vascepa - these posters are so good they should work for Amarin (and maybe they do) since they are doing part of Amarin management's job. Bottom line is I'm just a "disgruntled long" who is PO'd at management. If I were at short, I would be very happy with this management.

      • I think BiotechWill is one of the more serious posters on the AMRN boards. I find it hard to believe that you have a long position and do nothing but complain. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to keep trashing and complaining about a stock that you hold along position on. You are either short, (which would be suicidal at this point) or you want to keep the pps down to accumulate more shares cheaply. Today, maybe just this morning, is probably your last chance to get shares under $6 so you better get'm quickly. I see the real value here and bought in this month at $5.58 and wired more funds to buy this morning on any dips that the manipulators may present for me. Good luck to you though!

    • It would make more sense if you have such a negative sentiment to exit the stock. Complaining about it if that is your true stance is useless and will cost you money. Selling your shares can keep you from even more losses... which would make sense as opposed to repeating your moaning on various boards.

    • Amrin management has sold their shares and doesn't really care what happens to the stock price.

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