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  • halbert_einstein halbert_einstein Aug 21, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    Honestly is there a difference between pharmaceutical grade over the counter fish oil and Vesepa?

    I completely agree that over the counter ordinary fish oil capsules are nothing like pharmaceutical grade pure epa products. But why exactly is one pharmaceutical grade pure epa better than any other?

    From the pharmaceutical grade pure epa products available over the counter, why exactly would anybody go to the time and expense of visiting doctors, testing, blood work, follow ups, and then add on top of that the high cost of prescription only Vesepa......and you are spending a fortune for something you could get easily and inexpensively over the counter for the same product.

    Tale PLUSEPA for example. It is pharmaceutical grade pure epa. The product is certified and facilities are inspected and the product is even tested by third parties so objectivity is guaranteed. Each batch of product is tested and analyzed and results avialable to everyone. They meet the same exact GMP of all FDA approved drugs.

    The only thing I see posted is that the "purity" isn't the same. First of all, the purity is ONE MILLION times more pure than ANYTHING else you will be eating today. Second, the purtiy differences (if any) would be so minute that they would be insignificant. Just look at PLUSEPA analysis. It will be the purest most safe thing you've eaten in the last forty years.

    The impurities you ingest with one cup of coffee is 1000 times greater than a 4gm dose of PLUSEPA pure pharmaceutical grade epa.

    Just imagine the impurites you ingest with all of the other things you eat and drink every single day.
    Did you eat anything today? Tell me what you ate today. And what did you eat yesterday. Did you drink anything?
    Post it and I will compare your "impurities" intake versus a product like PLUSEPA.

    Good luck to all!

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    • Dear Halbert..

      If all you say is true , then you would have a good argument.. First of all...PlusEPA is not less expensive than Vascepa...60 1gm caps of P-EPA is 37.00, so monthly cost is $74...This is more than cost of V with coupon.

      Regardless of claims of "pharmaceutical grade pure EPA", this means essentially nothing..PlusEPA is distributed by Garden of need to do a little DD on that company, not exactly run by a bunch of eagle scouts. Read the label ...not approved to treat any disease...this is a dietary supplement...f you want to do a little at home research project...take a V capsule, cut it open and smell it....then take a PlusEPA capsule cut it open and smell it...V is odorless, PlusEPA smells like rancid fish...Pure EPA is odorless...

      Catch my drift??

      ": ) JL

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      • Jesse,
        You aren't much of a thinker are you?

        Garden of Life distributes PlusEPA? They aren't eagle scouts? What does either statement have to do with anything at all? Explain.

        Read the label? Not approved to treat any disease? You can't be as dumb as you are pretending to be, right? Vascepa is not approved to treat any disease either. Vascepa has exactly one approved condition that it can treat.......extremely high triglycerides. So what does that mean? Nothing.
        Fruits and Vegetables are not approved to treat any disease either. What are you, stupid?

        You think PlusEPA smells like rancid fish? Try again. You have been exposed as a liar many times before, right?

        I bet you are one of those fake Vascepa patients who claim to be taking Vascepa but aren't really taking it.

        Take a picture of a vascepa capsule and email it to me at this yahoo e-mail. Be sure set the capsule on a white piece of paper so we can see it clearly.

        Vascepa coupons are only good for a few more months. The coupon promotion ends, then full price slaps you in the face.

      • That's why the non-Vascepa pills have a special coating so they don't dissolve in your stomach and try to limit the smell and rotten fish taste. Problem is your stomach is important in digestion and absorption of nutrients

    • OK...see that you're just trying to plug & pump some over the counter product...In short: You're not Einstein, you're a moron that doesn't understand science.

    • Crude oil is what gasoline is derived from, crude oil can be used to operate ships and power plants but that is about it, from crude comes plastics, pharmaceuticals, kerosene for jets, and on and on. Fish oil is like crude oil. Hope this helps.

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    • When will you idiots address the real point?, Lovaza 1 Bill rev with all your PLUSEPA and clones out there......Vascepa is better than Lovaza.........end of story.

    • Imagine if Einstein couldn't spell and came up with a$c = mc^2

    • perhaps you should take up your concern with those taking lovaza

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    • Start off be reading the warning in small print at the bottom of the PlusEpa ad about not for health purposes and not FDA sanctioned. And it's not OTC, it's dietary supplement.

    • Not exactly Einstein are you? He had a much greater imagination....


    • You need 240 pills of PlusEPA a month to match a Vascepa script for a month, 8 pills of PlusEPA a day. That will cost you 135.00-140.00 a month. If you have insurance coverage, Vascepa should cost less.

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      • PlusEPA takes twice as many capsules as Vasepa? How f&#@ing big do the Vasepa capsules have to be to hold twice the amount of purified epa fish oil? At least double the size to hold twice as much product for sure. Can you imagine trying to swallow something as big as your pinky finger?

        I think I'd rather take a couple small capsules rather than one massive capsule that you would have to choke down. Nothing worse than trying a bunch of times to get a huge capsule to go down your throat. And imagine having to fight these huge capsules four times a day, every single day of the week. Good god.

    • Why do people insist on Penicillin when they could just take rotten potatoes? It's all a con if you ask me!


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