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  • six54321you six54321you Aug 31, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    VASCEPA is an Ethyl Ester of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Why choose Ethyl Ester form?

    Ethyl Esters rarely occur in nature and this affects the way they are digested and absorbed in the body. Many issues must be considered before deciding to consume the unnatural Ethyl Ester form of EPA.

    Each VASCEPA capsule contains 1 gram of icosapent Ethyl. Icosapent Ethyl is an Ethyl Ester of the omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

    While Ethyl Esters are a source of omega-3 fatty acids, research shows that they are not as beneficial as natural Triglycerides and additional research is required to fully assess potential toxicity. While some countries (e.g. Australia) have gone as far as banning the sale of Ethyl Esters, other countries such as the US, Canada still allow the sale of Ethyl Esters.

    On the other hand, Fish oil supplements in the NATURAL Triglyceride form offer numerous advantages when compared to those in the Ethyl Ester form (Vascepa):

    (1) Oils in Triglyceride form are completely safe to consume,
    (2) Are naturally occurring,
    (3) Provide increased absorption,
    (4) Are much more stable.

    What advantages do Ethyl Esters offer - none.

    Fish oils in Ethyl Ester form are highly unstable and rapidly break down during storage. They are also prohibited in Sweden and Denmark, and soon in Norway and the UK.

    Also, make sure your natural triglyceride free form fatty acid fish oil is coming from a state of the art production facility based in a country like Norway. The facility should be GMP certified and NSF certified as well. In addition to NSF and GMP certification, the plant should be drug licensed by the country's health authorities. The most reputable and experienced fish oil processing plants are in Norway. And, Norway has the highest standards for regulating fish oil factories.

    Make sure you decide on a product that will still be around in five years.

    Good luck to all!!! ; )

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    • six543....

      You need to learn more about EPA...otherwise you are going to miss out on a good thing...Most of what you say I'm sure you believe, but you are reading the wrong sources...The idea that EPA is digested significantly more effectively in trig form is nonsense put out by some nutraceutical (DSs)...In this country (USA) we have the FDA who decides these issues, and the FDA does not agree with you...EPA in trig form is not more stable than the EE form...When n-3s become oxidized they become rancid..this effects taste and smell...cut open a PlusEPA, and any other DS fish oil cap and try the smell test...go ahead, do it then cut open a Vascepa cap...You will smell the difference..

      The point is (one you are ignorant of) is that is is very difficult to make concentrated EPA from the FFA Trig form...You need to use the Ethyl Ester , so you are not going to see a highly concentrate EPA made from the DS trig..stuff..

      ": ) JL

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      • jesse.livermore says that he went to Harvard and Yale and Harvard Medical School and claims he is an Engineer and that he graduated from MIT with his engineering degree and he claims to be a surgeon and that he served on the front lines during the Vietnam War and he claims he was a surgeon during the Vietnam War and he claims that he is a plastic surgeon and he claims he still currently runs a very busy practice and he says he is 72 years old, but jesse.iivermore spends more time on yahoo than most unemployed daytraders.

        As you might have guessed, nobody believes anything he says . . . . about anything.

        When is the last time you saw a 72 year old use a computer?

        When is the last time you saw a 72 year old post on a Yahoo! message board?

        When is the last time you saw a 72 year old go hog wild over a risky biotech stock?

        How many 72 year olds do you know who sign off with idiotic emoticons?

        How many 72 year olds even know what an emoticon is?

    • ROFL. Spiel lifted verbatim from the Nordic Naturals website. Peddle your dying wares elsewhere.

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      • father_mari Sep 2, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

        I'm sorry, but did you just use "ROFL" in a post? What is this.............the year 2000?

        I'm amazed at the out of touch wackos that show up on Yahoo.

      • Funny how you forget to mention how all facts as stated are true.

        Dying wares? Ethyl Ester forms of the omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are dying. Ethyl Esters are unnatural and thus affect the human body in odd and varying ways. Natural triglyceride forms of EPA are completely safe, tried and true and have been consumed by humans for as long as humans have been around. Ethyl Esters are sold to increase profit margin. Natural triglyceride forms of EPA are sold to increase your health.

        Tell me who would choose Ethyl Ester form of EPA over a natural triglyceride form of EPA if both are pharmaceutical grade? Answer: NOBODY

        FDA approved natural triglyceride forms of EPA are coming and will be provd for use with Statins and other medications and your currently dying Vascepa product will be dead a wiped off the face of the earth.

    • This sounds like it's from an alias of our old basher omegawhatever. Just ignore (and IGGY) the AH.

    • You are full of shiet,I was taking regular fish oil GMP AND NFS CERTIFIED and it didn't do MUCH for me while V is lowering my trigs sugat and relaxes my muscle spasms.eVEN my doctor is pleasently surpride of the outcome.

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