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  • frenzychess frenzychess Sep 9, 2013 4:48 AM Flag

    Where Are The Horror Stories?

    Almost every single new Rx drug on the market for more than 6 months has its share of horror stories, or questionable moments. Where are these with Vascepa? Well, they don't exist, they never will. This is what the Advisory Committee will have to consider...all patients started on a Vascepa regimen will show positive blood work and some surprising benefits totally outside the scope of what the drug is supposed to do. When people get all worked up over the failure of every previous statin add-on's inability to reduce adverse heart events, they forget that all of them have side effects, versus none for V. Even if Vascepa fails to show efficacy in reducing CHD it will still be a welcome relief to existing treatments, (by the way, there are now two studies showing pure EPA at 1.8G shows a proven benefit in reduction of CHD and one of them showing statistical significance in reducing mortality - REDUCE-IT will succeed and probably already has to a great extent). All the other statin add-ons have problems that can be quite aggravating and sometimes alarming for patients. Vascepa doesn't have any issues with safety and it beats the living daylights out of the others when it comes to reducing the very inflammation associated with arteriosclerosis. Approving Vascepa for ANCHOR is an exercise that the advisory committee will deem a pleasure.

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    • kkllfla Sep 9, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

      I'll turn your question around...Where are all the great success stories to promote this drug?
      Joe Z isn't at his 1st rodeo, this guy did Lovaza. Why no testimonials from patients & Drs ?
      It just doesn't seem quite right... any ideas ???

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      • 3 Replies to kkllfla
      • because it doesnt improve quality of life, it only potentially prevents possible outcome. like eating a salad, nothing to write home about.

      • Kkllfla:
        That is the perfect question! We've had many testimonials on this board and elsewhere. Why AMRN hasn't introduced any of them isn't quite right it seems, but they've been collecting all the data available believe me, that's their bread an butter. The time to release that data is prior to ADCOMM to the panel. For those who would consider denying ANCHOR, putting together a portfolio of major complications is going to be impossible to do. The only real hope to stop Vascepa from getting the 10X indication is to find something that gives pause, either in efficacy or safety, and it doesn't exist. Am I 100% sure there is nothing out there, no. Am I 100% sure there is nothing negative after pouring over the data from JELIS, Epadel patients, Vascepa patients and any study related to pure EPA that shows any negative complications exists, yes.

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      • I wouldn't read anything into this in either direction. The drug is still in the infancy stage it is far to early to tell if their have been any major complications from the indications and you won't see any testimonials from an advertisement from the company since they don't have the cash to do so.

    • Come on frenzy you sound like a human bulletin board advertisement for vascepa. We all know its a great drug yada yada yada. This all comes down to anchor and whether or not this becomes a successful selling drug and stock. Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled the summer of nothing is over and it looks like a anchor run up has begin. If and I'm only saying IF there is a delay from the FDA we are back to square one. All I'm saying is it is a possibility and the slam dunk decision most are talking about here might not happen.

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