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  • sexyladyfitness sexyladyfitness Sep 18, 2013 4:23 AM Flag

    FDA accepts NDA for Epanova-May 2014 PDUFA

    blah blah blah..

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    • did AZN disclose where and how they are going to get the EPA to manufacture this drug? Thought the API supply was tight because AMRN locked it all up for themselves?

    • You sound scared.

      Can you google natural triglyceride form vs. ethyl ester form and see what studies show?

      Synthetic Ethyl Ester Form of Fish Oil (Vascepa, Lovaza) vs. Natural Triglyceride Form

      Free fatty acids are the chemical form in which essential fatty acids are absorbed in the digestive tract. Epanova has demonstrated improved absorption characteristics and bio-availability as compared to ethyl ester formulation of omega 3. Ethyl ester forms require enzymatic breakdown prior to absorption

      Ethyl esters have only been in the human food chain approximately 20 years.

      Triglyceride fatty acids have been eaten safely, and for great benefit, for an estimated 600 million years.

      -Ethyl Esters-
      Do not occur naturally in the human diet
      Hydrolysis by pancreatic lipase 10–50 x slower
      May not mimic the physiologic activity of triglycerides
      Less molecularly stable

      Natural form of dietary lipids
      Faster hydrolysis by pancreatic lipase
      Human digestion designed to absorb triglyceride form
      More molecularly stable

      A study also concluded that only 20 percent of the omega-3s in the standard ethyl ester from were absorbed, unless they were taken with a high-fat meal, which raised the absorption level three-fold, to 60 percent.(10) In contrast, the absorption of other fish derived omega-3s (EPA and DHA) in their natural triglyceride from was substantially greater in either context (high fat or low fat): absorption of DHA was equally superior with either low-fat meals or high-fat meals, while participants’ absorption of EPA increased from an already-high 69 percent to 90 percent when taken with a high-fat meal.(11)

    • Wow, I wonder how the market takes this news? Probably badly. It is AMRN after all and now a new inferior product may be coming. Lots of other things I could say, yet this should be interesting. By the way, this has been expected for a while now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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