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  • vukken99 vukken99 Sep 27, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

    The BIG PROBLEM....the OTC EPA has 1060mg of EPA in it....

    Like most here we want these shares to move...the problems is dealing with the OTC omega 3......
    Can Amarin outlaw sales of Over the counter EPA??? I think it is 27 dollars for a month supply..
    Why can insurance cover generic lipitor and doctors can tell patients to buy this OTC EPA?
    Did anyone think about this??? Remember something before amarin and others came with omega 3
    the consumers were already taking fish oil for years.....

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    • Well spoken from an individual long sitting on a significant number of shares. Do you have any additional material between now and adcomm? BTW, you want these shares to move? Which direction?

    • Patients don't have to pay for all those doctors visits and blood tests if they buy pure rx grade epa from one of the other gmp certified sources.

      Cost of Vascepa must include all of the doctors visits, blood tests, blood draw fees, etc, etc, etc

    • Does anyone think OTC is competition? No one who does not wish to hold the SP down.

    • todhale Sep 27, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

      PlusEPA is 33.99 for 60 capsules and it's 500 mg. You need 4 boxes to get 30 days of 4 grams of "food quality" EPA. That's 136 bucks a month for a product that is not regulated as a drug.
      And Ski is right, Bern's in Tampa is the shizit.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Vascepa is 120 GRAMS for 1 month. How much is OTC if you want 120 GRAMS for one month. Basic math that bashers never comprehend.

    • Comparing OTC Omega-3 to Vascepa is like comparing a steak from the Golden Corral to a steak from Bern's in Tampa.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It is a concern. As more and more OTC epa supplements meet or exceed the GMP standards set for prescription meds, the options will increase for patients seeking to reduce their triglycerides with pure epa.

      As of now, there are only 2 or 3 OTC brands of pure epa that are pharmaceutical grade and meet the GMP standards. But, who knows what the future will hold.

      These OTC products will stress the sale price/profit potential but the insurance industry will always favor the FDA approved product. This does not mean that patients themselves won't turn to OTC, as they have been for as long as you have been alive. So, be worried about the current and future OTC options for those patients who might decide to take OTC pure epa.

      Remember, the majority of people who can benefit from pure epa are not in a position to require intense scrutiny and medical supervision. It is mostly a matter of eating better and you can do that by eating pure epa, even if a Doctor does not prescribe it.

    • "Try it again Sam", "this one has grown old and worse"....

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