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  • vukken99 vukken99 Sep 29, 2013 12:30 AM Flag

    This is How Late we are in US medicine....

    EPADEL which is like VAscepa japanese version was approved there in 1994!
    And, this year EPADEL manufacturer's partner started the Over the Counter EDADEL T which has 600mg of EPA to be sold without prescription....
    Now, If we are going to think like INVESTORS we would say oh this is UNIQUE oh this is a miraculous drug...
    It just sound like WE WERE LATE to the GAME...It is like that businessman going to china and bringing a new product as import but much later.. Sure there are researches done on it...But if WE ARE GOING TO THINK PRO SOCIETY THEN...ALL THESE PATENTS STUFF SEEMS LIKE PURE NONSENSE...ONLY DRIVING THE COST OF MEDICATIONS HIGHER AND HIGHER....
    So there is ambivalence in my investment feelings...Think about those without insurance even without OBAMA care there will be lots out there without insurance...So would they have to cough up 120 or higher per month on some highly purified FISH OIL???? WOW How messed up our human society has become I wonder....

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    • Y'a know...


      There's no law against you going out and catching some fish..squeezing the oil out and extracting out the EPA...The reason you don't is it would cost you more. The reason medicine is so damn expensive is because of regulations, malpractice (raises health care costs 40%) And insurance companies...And lets not forget the government...and the fact the fancier and more effective the guessed it ..the more they cost...The point is its not the medical community, the care givers, or even the's the parasites that contribute nothing that are the problem...and the people are to blame for this...They want the regs, and the malpractice put up your money..

      Your tirade over Vascepa is misguided...Vascepa is a drug which on balance is going to cut health care costs...Go ahead and buy PlusEPA...its going to cost you more money and if you think you are getting what they claim on the label, you're mistaken...Your real goal is stated when you say you want a quick pay off from a take over...That's where you are really coming from..

      As far as a history lesson...Aspirin has been used since the middle ages....But Bayer is still charging for it.. You think they invented it??

      ": ) JL

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    • Yes, all true. However, the pure EPA is expensive regardless of how it's sold. With Rx at least people on insurance will get it at an affordable price with a doctors supervision. The problems with US healthcare are beyond comprehension. Very confused why the Affordable Care Act is the reason why we're about to shut down the gov't and then default on the US credit and possibly throw the economy into chaos. The act was thoroughly a Republican idea, especially the individual mandate. Why not take credit for it? I hate the act as it invades people's privacy even more, but it is law and only a new President can change that. What the house Republicans are doing, (if carried through to conclusion), is economic suicide to stop a law their party designed. I don't get it. The horrors the house members speak of inflicted upon the country by ObamaCare will pale in comparison to a credit default. Pretty sure.

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      • THE ONLY BENEFIT OF VASCEPA BEING STANDARD FOR LIPID OR CHOLESTEROL MANAGEMENT IS AT LEAST THE GOOD NUTRITION BECOME STANDARD PROTOCOL IN THE MEDICAL MANAGEMENT....another words you are spoon feeding the medical community to give good omega 3 as part of the standard regimen to patients for obvious reasons...that is the only benefit I see with Vascepa beyond the touted benefits...
        As a investor in Amarin I would like to see gains in form of a major BUYOUT...other than that I don't see a big future for this company because it has to be bought out to allow proper distribution of its medication.
        I know lots of folk out there become blinded and has almost religious attachment to it....BUt, for me personally, the over the counter EPA is good as gives choices to people to get access to nutritional supplements without the intrusion of a doctor or insurance on your back...The Freedom to take care of yourself without anybody's help....And, We have to respect that as well!

      • Not a single Republican voted for it, everyone hates it, especially union workers with good benefits, get rid of it.

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