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  • zmanindc zmanindc Oct 4, 2013 8:34 AM Flag

    4 months on Vascepa - Blood test results

    I asked my cardiologist for a prescription because I thought it could ease the muscle pain from the statin and allow me to get back to the gym to increase my HDL,(low HDL is my problem). I was given a 2g dose because I am a member of the Brilinta clinical trial and they want to avoid any potential blood thinning. After 2 weeks the pain eased, not gone but reduced to the point where I could work out. I went from 2 days to now 4 days a week and just added 20 minutes of cardio last week. No improvement in my HDL and I need to give the Cardio a little more time before I try something else. I have 2 stents and take 20 mg of generic Lipitor

    Before Vascepa 4 Mos on Vascepa
    Total Cholesterol 121 109
    Triglycerides 89 86
    HDL 39 36
    LDL 64 56
    VLDL 18 17

    On the plus side, my cardiologist suggested I could now drop down to 10 mg of Lipitor. Instead of doing that, I will wait until my next visit and if the HDL has not improved then I will switch to 10mg of Crestor. Oh, my insurance BCBS covers Vascepa at tier III

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    • Your cardio needs to up your dose to 4g/day, as side effects are comparable to placebo with both doses, with greater efficacy at 4g/day.

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      • He will not increase the dose because I am also on Brilinta through a clinical trial and he is afraid of too much blood thinning. I am happy with the results at 2 grams. What this shows is that it's possible that someone with a borderline lipid profile can probably use Vascepa vs low dose Statin.

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    • Interesting, thank you. One of the measures of HDL that is at least as important as overall HDL is % of overall cholesterol. Yours improved to 33% from 32%. By the way, it is so interesting this improvement in muscle pain you report. We have seen hundreds of these pronouncements in practice. Although people have reported similar findings on Lovaza, they are not as consistent or with the magnitude of being on Vascepa. The Boston conference saw many cardio's reporting the same thing and openly contesting even the need for an ADCOMM.

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      • I have to say I feel really good since I started taking Vascepa and the fact that my Cardio wants to lower the statin dose has me pleased. By my next visit I will have my Cardio's practice completely sold on using Vascepa. He was concerned that my insurance would not cover the prescription but it does. With the discount card I paid $75 for a 3 month supply. I would like to drop out of the Pegasus trial, it's time consuming to go through with zero return other than the free drug, not even a discount on Crestor. AZN is a cheap bio and Plavix is better than this stuff.

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      • I haven't heard anything from the conference yesterday. What all did you hear?

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