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  • radiokbc radiokbc Oct 21, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    The mgmt had thought they were in a slum dunk case even without the new study before AdCom.

    Sigh.... But a great opportunity for us.

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    • Fact is the study had been circulated on StockTwits PRIOR to AdComm. There were ppl who even forwarded the study to both the Company and the FDA. Why the company never brought it up? Who knows, maybe they never cared to read the stuff sent to them. Either way if you want to read the study google: "advpub_18002" it will be found in the Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis.

    • They showed great incompetence responding to the FDA negative spin during Adcom. That incompetence is further verified by the fact that even after the horrible Adcom performance the new study had still not hit the news circuits until this SA author brought it out. Do these guys live in a vacuum or have they just been in some dream world for the last year. There is little doubt bringing this study into the Adom discussion could have only helped in Amarin's efforts. Incompetence is far to mild a word to describe Amarin's performance at the Adcom.

    • This new study just reinforces the notion that the level of preparation by AMRN management for the ADCOM hearing was disgraceful. They should have been able to speak to all findings. In a matter like this, I don't think it was possible to be overprepared.

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      • Also, could the public speakers who AMRN picked be any worse? They spent most of the time talking about the dangers of over the counter fish oil, etc. Important, but not at all relevant to the issue being decided. Some really strong public voices would have helped sway some panel members. All in all horrible prep by management.

      • Totally agree with this. Management was completely complacent that this Anchor would breeze by this committee. They seemed completely inept at the meeting. They should have fought hard for this, instead they were meek and bumbling. This panel was essentially a court case where facts are presented and a jury decides. A strong, persuasive case could have gone the other way, unfortunately management didn't show up to present one.

      • You can show up over prepared; prepared; under prepared; and then CLUELESS. The last being how AMRN mgmt decided to showed up. This is borne out by the CC that followed where they were even MORE clueless (if that was possible). Underscoring their inept preparation for the ADCOM and their apparent planned "celebration" for the CC due to their arrogance in thinking this was a done deal.

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