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  • morganlondonstrategy morganlondonstrategy Dec 26, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    Swalchie .... do you actually own any shares of AMRN .... because your posts don't indicate that

    All are entitled to their opinion, but you continue to trash this stock with no merit ... you appear to speak from your heart and not your brain ... a tad different then your suggestion for bioteh1971 .....

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    • this is the most fun I have reading this forum. tihis whole convo is a joke and I am LMAO. happy holidays.

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      • if anyone that own this stock have any sense at all their horizon should be 2-3 years not 1-2 weeks. I am seriously debating if I should buy more to average down next week or buy AVEO another one of those long term plays. I got my hand in the cookie jar with amrn for cardiovascular, mnkd for diabetes and I should get in aveo to have some oncology exposure. what to do waht to do!

      • In the end isn't that all a message board is? Entertainment while we wait for the stock to do what we hope it will . Clearly most investors here only one to here one side of the story.I readily admit I have a little fun with the sensitive ones here! Like mr Met said DONT POKE THE BEAR lol! Ignore is a great feature I have used it many times you don't like my response then feel free to use it on me.

      • Once a week someone pokes the bees nest and we get this multi-reply discourse. It's amusing, if nothing else. Happy Holidays to you too, Magic1.

    • Always, Always, Always - follow the money. There is a good reason Swalchie posts here and it is about money and not about being a good Samaritan or about some ego game - he has been posting here for years and if he posted for those reasons this long, he would most definitely have a mental problem. Swalchie has the right to post here and we should let him post at will. If you don't like his posts, just put him on ignore and let him be.

    • just a basher -- why??? short or paid??? Either way just ignore, this stock is being bought 5:1 sells today,
      this is the quiet post-Xmas week, low volume, last chance to load so cheap, back over $2.10 resistance soon, higher after Dec. tax-selling season is over and 1/15 nears

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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