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  • warrenbuffett_1999 warrenbuffett_1999 Sep 8, 1999 11:16 AM Flag

    Anyone know what time Greenie is

    speaking in Michigan today?

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    • Up 14% or 3 3/8 today. Settled @ $27. Might be worth looking into. I bought @ $25, just in it for the money!

    • Go to bottom of this page and search authors. Last I looked he was shorting XETA.

    • Nothing worse than a work Chubby. Especially when it's your turn to stand up and present.

    • get throne from his bike or what?



    • It's like I am living 2 lives now. One with my
      regular relationship (4 months now) and the other with my
      co-worker/aerobics friend. They seem mutually exclusive right now
      yet somethings got to give. But both are incredible.
      Do I give up the porche or mercedes? I'd like to
      keep them both, but I don't have a 2 car garage and
      the insurance would kill me. As long as I drive one
      at a time, it seems fine. But sooner or later, it's
      going to storm.

      My co-worker knows about the
      other and I know about hers but each of our other mates
      don't know about us. Plus, after this weekend, it is
      awefully hard to sit in a meeting with her and not
      mentally wander off and end up with a chubby. Damn women.
      They control our minds!

    • I was just looking through some notes I took last
      year (6/13/98) on INKT just before the IPO. I was
      interested in the IPO, but didn't buy because the shares
      started trading about 20 points above the offer (which I
      wasn't privy to), if I remember correctly.

      are some of my

      Valuation $302M @$12-14/share
      Revenues $9.38M annual

      Analysts say...
      - "could rise a
      few points from its IPO price when it opens

      $6B later, I'd say it definitely rose a few points.

    • Beautiful! Now the real battle begins --
      independence or hanging out with a chick you dig.

      just coming off a two year relationship, so I vote
      independence. Of course you could have the best of both worlds
      if she agrees with me. Problem is chicks don't think
      that way.

    • Did the repeat and threepeat already back to back sat night/sun morn. I think she's in love. :^}

      FINDING MENTION of science or technology on the Web is a
      little like finding a plate of pasta in an Italian
      restaurant -- you can hardly avoid it, even if you try. But
      not all restaurants are created equal, and neither
      are Web sites devoted to science and technology. All
      may have their place in the cornucopia of cyberspace,
      but only the best earn a place on our annual Best of
      the Web list. As expected, the subjects that our
      selected sites cover are as diverse as ever. Still, things
      change. The Web is not merely growing broader, it's
      growing more lively.

    • NEW YORK (CBS.MW) -- It's an energy stampede that
      seems to have no end in sight. Crude futures closed
      above $23 a barrel Thursday after a key petroleum
      industry report that showed inventories fell last week
      twice as much as expected, pushing oil prices to their
      best level since February 1997. The American Petroleum
      Institute said supplies of crude fell 5.97 million barrels
      to total stocks of 311.7 million barrels during the
      week ended Sept. 3. That sizable drop in supplies
      compares with expectations of a 2.5 million- to 3
      million-barrel decrease. On the New York Mercantile Exchange,
      October crude closed up 54 cents to $23.20 a barrel, its
      best level since February 1997. Things got even better
      Friday, as the contract closed just shy of $24 after
      comments from officials in Venezuela reinforced the
      market's belief that OPEC will maintain its vigilant stand
      against a production glut.


      Net stocks: They still got it

      NEW YORK
      (CBS.MW) -- Net-stock fever is rising again, and just when
      some folks were whining that the investor community
      had gotten bored with watching upticks, downticks and
      other minute-by-minute market minutiae on their
      computer screens. Fresh news on Friday that the threat of
      inflation is waning helped to fire up a broad-based rally
      in the Internet sector and light up the Web's chat
      rooms. Day-traders made a boffo go of it on Yahoo's
      site. "I'm in! Can't resist!" said one trader.
      "Dreamers are out in force," said another.
      (TGLO: news, msgs) will be "$50 by year-end" was yet
      another overzealous colorful comment ringing aloud in the
      chat rooms. That positive chatter helped to drive
      shares of EBay (EBAY: news, msgs), (TGLO:
      news, msgs), Inktomi (INKT: news, msgs) and Yahoo
      (YHOO: news, msgs) on Friday. And this reawakening? It's
      not just for cyber-trading market freaks, either.
      Even dorky analysts -- albeit some of the bearish --
      are picking up on it. "Yes, momentum is back," said
      James Glickenhaus of investment firm Glickenhaus & Co.
      "But all it's doing is keeping these stocks from
      falling to the levels where they should be."


      More techies in London's Footsie

      Today on
      CBS MarketWatch
      Nasdaq closes at record high

      Friendly PPI data emerges
      Bond market cheers tame
      inflation update
      AOL's Andreessen steps aside

      Microsoft, U.S. final responses
      More top stories...

      CBS MarketWatch Columns
      5:55:06 PM ET

      SAN DIEGO (CBS.MW) -- Internet
      message boards are huge electronic bathroom stalls where
      anyone can post whatever they want without any
      accountability. My goal has been to add some credibility and
      standards to the stalls. I don't believe in censorship, but
      I favor accountability. If you say something on a
      message board, you'd better be prepared to back it up
      with facts or I'll pick it apart. This is what irks my
      critics. My censorship from a major online message board
      for petty and capricious reasons highlights the need
      for a more just and credible forum. If one has to
      walk on eggshells in Internet boards for fear of being
      terminated or censored, then the boards will ultimately be
      controlled by those who have ulterior motives. They will run
      the boards without fear of being questioned or
      challenged. If this happens, we can write the Internet off as
      an electronic billboard controlled by those with the
      most money.

      Guest commentary

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