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  • Betterbelieveit Betterbelieveit Jan 23, 2001 11:55 AM Flag

    Talk to me in 3-5 years!

    It maybe the bottom or then it may not be but thenwhen you look at this in the next 3-5 years you are going to wish you bought it somewhere down here near 16!

    Just my thoughts!


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    • you idiot, we have an idiot in the white house, this market is going to be shitty for the next 4 years IDIOT!!!!!!!

      WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!this stock will be $11 soon....

      • 1 Reply to janie_me_ok_u_2
      • Hey dumbass, who are you calling an idiot? At least he has an MBA and a sheepskin from Harvard. What did the last prick have?

        Get over you loss because the count couldn't be rigged by county officials - deal with it. It's time to quit griping and start getting behind all of the fat cats in Washington so something can be done.

        What the hell happened in the last 8 years? Nothing improved except the market - probably due to the fact that no one would do anything. Funny how businesses that are looking to make a profit can do that when the Govt stays out of the way.

        Quit bashing the President you frickin earth-muffin, I doubt you really cared when the oval office was being used as a prop for "Sex, Lies and Videotape".