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  • lostboy4pixie lostboy4pixie Apr 3, 2001 7:21 PM Flag

    was Abby Cohen right or what

    last week she says BUY!!!

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    • what a little f*king CEO this guy Peterschmidt is? The stock is down from 241 to 2.79, and he is still sleep

      He could had trimmed employees way ahead when he was seeing daily sales figures n we prob would had broke even. All he had to do w as to cut not 25% but 40% employees and cut other cost way before, and INKT would had been around $15 even in this bad time. what a jerk? glad i sold today early at $4 It will go to $1 1/4 before its going to get better. good luck all. i feel for you. i lost plenty too but i am glad i am out.


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      • bought 500 shares of INKT @ $2.59/share...
        bad news...evry other stock in my portfolio got absolutely hammered...shit..

        buy the good stuff when it's down...then wait...i'm a salesman in a small company that is an industrial supplier...we've never been competotors tell me the same...
        this is a flush of a lot of dotcomcrap that never had a viable biz model and never had a chance...i chase sales leads off the internet
        and they load fast cuz of DSL service i have..
        the internet ain't going away...there was lots of turbulence in the oil biz when it started out until jd rockefeler consolidated the refining biz under standard are witnessing a high tech shakeout not unlike what happened in cleveland when old jd rock trimmed the cojones off his competitors...the cos that survive this shakeout will be the 900# gorillas of the future....


      • Do you think buying this stock at 1.50 is a good bargain? or Do you think it will go Bankrupt? ANy input is appreciated...

    • Pretty freakin obvious that Abbey & Co were trying for a last ditch rally so they could slowly dump more at a higher price. Not gonna work now with all the warnings. The % drops of all the glamour stocks of the NAZ have gotten worse these last few sessions. Any thing is possible now, the world is wired too damn tight. Be careful. INKT could just as easily triple from here in the next 12 months... or fold.