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  • arufalo arufalo Mar 11, 2008 3:16 PM Flag

    Anyone here have full WSJ article? LINK to partial

    Well, Bob Lutz of GM is not shy about their plans for electric car, the Volt is planned for 2010.

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    • What would be the chances of them setting up the volt for failure from the start and then singing the :i told you so" tune.

      Just a thought.

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      • Please... Take no offense arufalo... I just had to rant about Mr. Lutz... and the auto industry.. a little. Your mention of him as proponent of battery electric vehicles just pushed me to make the comments. I am not bashing any battery manufacturer, though perhaps I do indulge in pointing out a few less than becoming aspects of Mr. Lutz.

        Is this the Bob Lutz you are talking about?

        The guy who said, Global warming is a crock of (crap)?

        The guy who said the Volt would be delayed? Blaming batteries and fussy engineers who want perfect software. And with a price tag closer to $40K, than to the projected $30K.

        The guy who protests the governments CAFE legislation (35 mpg fuel economy), because he (GM) cannot make all their vehicles (SUVs notably), comply with that level of fuel economy and will have to drop them from production. Leaving the Japanese to dominate that market?

        The guy who wants $6 a gallon gas so SUVs will be so impractical that the Japanese will not have a market for their SUVs?

        Is he the same Bob Lutz who played a part in the demise of the EV1 over ten years ago?

        It seems to me like Bob Lutz, GM, and the rest of the American car industry is still dragging it's heals and saying the American public is not interested in electric vehicles. They dumped the EV1 over ten years ago because, they said, of lack of interest, but the people that drove them, loved them! In spite of the fact there were people standing in line with real money to buy them. I have already stated in another post, the reasons I believe they are taking this posture.

        Sorry, but I don't have a high degree of confidence in GM or any big car manufacturer making good on their electric car promises. And my appologies for using this forum for my rant, but I had to do it somewhere. Thanks for your indulgence.


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