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  • fullerton_titan fullerton_titan Jan 6, 2005 5:55 PM Flag

    anybody know info on Dividends...

    is it really $1.16 on Feb 5, 2005.

    see u on Feb 4.....

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    • Tubey...
      Valid observations. Fact is, most of these "honors" often have little to do with much reality. This one reflects an opinion by business WRITERS and is, I suspect, run largely to develop an article that publishers think will sell magazines. That's why one needs to just have a little fun with 'em. I have virtually no opinion on the stuff Murphy is made of nor the profile of the typical Rodale reader. But I do have a pretty strong opinion on the stuff JJ is made of. While he's laughing all the way to his bank, rest assured that while his wallet isn't bruised his feelings aren't immune. Perhaps not by this site, but more than most folks he seems to typify the extreme of the American attitude that "It's all about me". Way too many present and past employees don't have the respect for him that makes great leadership performance possible....nor can they figure out what his pay actually IS based on. Right or wrong, many employees might say that he is benefitting at their expense. And that belief is not a good thing for the organization.

    • A few points on Rodale Inc.

      1. Rodale's business is primarily magazine publishing. (coincidentally, that is the same business as Business Week is in...) Their target audience is New Age health tweaks. The same sort of flakes who think they are extending their lifespans by eating pine nuts while pedaling $3,000 bicycles to work on a boulevard crowded with cell-phone absorbed BMW drivers who do not understand what bikers mean by "share the road".

      2. Rodale is not publicly traded, so information on their management practices and results is not subject to the same sort of journalistic and regulatory scrutiny that APD or GE's would be.

      3. I have no idea what JPJ might have commented on the BW list, but since his pay is not based on his performance rank in BW Manager's List, I doubt if his feelings were bruised by the implied snub of not making the list.

    • You made Business Week's Best Knuckleheads list.

    • Doesn't seem right to me. Where did you read/hear that? The usual math works something like this....assume APD really will be good for $3.00/share earnings for the year, and a dividend payout policy of 35%, give or take (i.e. pretty typical). That's a total dividend of $1.05/share for all 4 quarters of '05....translating to 26-27 cents/share per quarter. I have heard nothing that tells me to expect anything else.

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