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  • LA_Lost_Boy LA_Lost_Boy Mar 22, 2000 3:02 PM Flag

    At day high of $15...Wait til this news

    spreads....Not to mention we have dividends next week for another $.48...
    300% regular volume, at 227,000..Still 1 hour left in trading...

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    • I'm very long GRT but can someone explain what
      the big deal is about having kiosks in their malls??
      How is that going to improve rents? How is that going
      to increase cash flow? I'm just trying to determine
      if the price movement is going to hold or if this is
      just some PR hype...


      • 1 Reply to CASHWINK
      • I went to the mall today..It was the first time I
        had been since Christmas..The mall I went to had
        these info kiosks (didn't notice who they were made
        by)..I went over to find out where a store was, and was
        amazed by the info on this thing..It had different
        internet stuff you could check out, and all kinds of neat
        things..On top they had flat screen monitors showing
        It was really neat..I think it realy gave the mall a
        younger/more modern feeling to it..
        Not to mention you
        could run ads on the thing (don't know who gets the
        income, I would imagine the mall)..When I got home from
        the mall I read the news...How weird is

        Either way it's an exciting step, and shows that
        Glimcher is trying to keep up with the times...And judging
        by the stock price action and last two weeks of
        climb, people are starting to believe in our little
        We hit our highest point since October
        Dividends next week..Keep it up GRT, you are making me very