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  • carpediem0008 carpediem0008 Mar 4, 2011 10:28 AM Flag

    Management & Board

    Instead of the hGH having orphan status, it is PROLOR Biotech's stock who has been orphan for over 2 months now. We shareholders have continously told you that you HAVE to take care of the stock, markets are NOT efficient and the free-fall will continue, shorts covering and when the Phase II results are announced, if they are good, the shorts will not have to cover because, thanks to the silence from management, they have been able to cover for the past month's.

    I have been in the market for years and no one, I mean no one, will buy PBTH stock with the ugly "tape" it has had for months now. Moreover, having continously delayed the release of Phase II results, even though management implies it has nothing to do with their being a problem with hGH-CTP scares people as they assume their IS something wrong.

    Consequently, I hope YOU (Management & BoD) have learned these past month's a little lesson about being a public company and realized markets aren't efficient and price won't reflect the fundamentals of the company.

    Oh, and by the way, even though Phil Frost is a billionare, remember he made his money by selling IVAX to TEVA and not investing in the stock market, so he can say what he wants, but "it ain't working".

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