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  • tiptopprinting Apr 21, 2011 10:03 PM Flag


    Maybe its time for Teva's board of director and management to really sit down and consider acquiring PBTH

    Their stock is taking big hit because the competition is getting close to providing alternative to Teva's lead drug...

    Lets hope once we get phase II result Teva will make an offer...

    Screw the shorts!!!

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    • Is it possible Big Pharma companies will start acquiring some of these smaller companies in 2013? Teva and Prolor appear to be a perfect match. The executives at Teva are very familiar with Prolor and the future pipeline.

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      • More likely from other Pharmas than TEVA. TEVA acquired Cogenesys a few years ago, unless TEVA has found PBTH's CTP technology way better than Cogenesys'.

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      • Acquisitions (as they have been for quite some time) will always be a key in this sector but it all comes down to price and if you don't have an accord there then it just doesn't matter. As I have said before, I think these guys have priced themselves out of the market for now. It may be they want an outright sell but they either don't have enough data yet to justify a decent price or they just don't understand what Prolor is really worth in it's current state and are asking for the sky.

        I also think if they really wanted to partner, we would have seen that already. With Frost being in both TEVA & Prolor, you have to believe TEVA has all the data that is available and if there were serious interest (assuming an agreement on terms), they would have pulled the trigger in some form already.

        I honestly don't have a big issue with any of that if we had a management team that kept us informed of what is going on and at least occasionally met the goals they set instead of constantly over promising and under delivering and disappearing completely in the interim. I also don't like that they have strung us (and the analysts) along for years dangling the partnering/deal concept in front of us and in the end went to the markets for more money. That is just dishonest and I don't have any faith in anything these guys say anymore.

        In the end I think they are simply going to do whatever is in their best interest and so the game becomes ignoring the rhetoric and try to figure out what they are really up to. I mean ask yourself this - Why would anyone do a redundant Phase II study if they were really trying to get through the process? Absurd at best and a waste of money and time. I see a lot of screwing around here and my best guess is they are either stalling for whatever reason. The only other option is they are completely lost and I hope that is not the case.

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    • It's not the short people, it's the Director how sold 500,000 shares those days.