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  • zgoldansky zgoldansky Apr 11, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    still dead money dont get excited

    did u all see how quick it dropped from over 6 smart money dumped it

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    • jason_castle Apr 25, 2013 10:49 PM Flag

      yeah i sure saw that, you are a stock genius!!!

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      • burnaka Apr 26, 2013 12:42 AM Flag

        Good luck with your trade. Opk is not scheduled to close for about 90 days. Frost granted them an "open ended go look" for another buyer clause. He will not up his offer, no court will make him up his offer. I have not found a court case where share holders got a nickle when that clause is thrown in. They have a shot if it is a closed end Go LOOK but not much then either.

        PBTH might get a higher offer from BMY though, and this bid by OPK, and the nature of the go look clause might trigger a competing bid. For all we know Frost might not want this company as part of opk at all, just to nudge BMY to buy it. Then he can cash out.

        OPK just bought a company with two near completed phase 3 studies for only 100 m, so from my view opk over paid here. Wonder what Frost would have offered if he didn't have such a large stake in PBTH.

        The most recent upgrade/downgrade here was to go from hold pt 6 to sell pt 3, but then you have an outlier at 12, but that is old. One analyst said 7 but after phase 3 was done, so 7 some time in 2014, and opk is paying 7 and the work isn't even started.

        If BMY made a bid it might be at MOST 8-9 but I doubt they do. This company is in proximity to two other facilities OPK owns in Israel, as such has a little more value.

        Good luck.