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  • universaldia universaldia May 1, 2013 7:53 PM Flag

    Frost Needs to walk away from this deal.

    So these "poor" Prolor shareholders can keep holding on to their pipedream and enjoy their frugal stock falling back into the low 5's.

    Prolor isn't worth the $7 that was offered because the market says so. The market sets the price!

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    • jason_castle May 2, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

      could not agree more

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Ahhh, yet another OPK clown on the board with a lot to say but none of it of any consequence. Maybe if enough of you guys get together we can actually have an intelligent dialogue. That being said, seeing that you all have OPK in common that may be wishful thinking. At least we all agree on one thing - this deal is a farce. At least Frost only owns 20% of us so we have a chance to vote it down. All you guys can do is wish your vote counted. What a great way to invest. You guys are clearly the superior decision makers.

      By the way, I started buying Prolor at $0.45 and my average in is less than $1.50. How's your investment doing?

      Sentiment: Sell

    • burnaka May 1, 2013 8:26 PM Flag

      I bought some PBTH figuring a cheaper way to get more opk shares. The funds usually go long the target and short the buyer, so that could be added pressure on opk.

      OPKO share holders know a suit would not work there with Frost owning near half, I would sign up for over paying in a heart beat. They paid only 100M for two phase three and the patent library of another company a couple months ago, with near term completion. PBTH is 18-24 months before they contribute income.

      Frost was overly generous with a company he owns 20% of, too bad an opk shareholder revolt would not stand a chance. I was well aware of PBTH before opk got involved but a stock I would not consider owning until the deal was laid out. Now I want it done. If opk walked PBTH would be lucky to hold , 5, and I would get stuck with a company I did not like.

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      • I agree with you. I also bought PBTH so I could get a discount on OPK shares. Prolor needed a partner to execute phase three trials, and if successful, the go to market with the product. PBTH share holders will benefit from this merger because it diversifies their investment and gives them the upside of OPK shares.

        Sentiment: Buy