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  • drangles2000 drangles2000 Aug 19, 2013 6:49 PM Flag


    Pbth hits three year high today thanks to opk

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    • tiptopprinting Aug 19, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

      Once the FDA will give their green light ( which is just a matter of time) on the CTP technology, it will be thanks to OPK that we have so many other share holders to celebrate with, which means lower price per share if we were to stay by ourselfs.

      Oh and in case you wonder, I am a share holder of PBTH since August of 2009 and I would gladly wait another year or two and get the approval with out anyone's help...

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      • It is true OPK shareholders will share in PBTH technology and any profits it represents. What is also true is PBTH shareholders will benefit from OPK's better management, marketing and OPK's pipeline. One should not complain about getting a smaller slice of a MUCH BIGGER pie.

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      • Oren don't waste your time with these guys. They follow Cramer and cheer OPK/Frost blindly. They don't get the fact that they have a stock built on a self-fulfilling prophecy and little else. That is why not one of them was invested in Prolor leading up to this event. They have no concept of what is happening here nor do they care. They are looking for IVAX gold and in reality they are on the other side of the deal anyway.

        Sentiment: Sell

      • Very limited thinking there Tiptop, if you were to look closely how Frost does these deals he has (at least since I've been a shareholder since 2009} always kept the shareholder in mind. His constant buying of the common shares has kept the float tight, {He's never sold a single share, and neither have I}, He has stated that he will keep buying till he has over 51% of the common. Whenever they have raised cash he and the other board members have come in and bought huge chunks at a time and brought his millionaire and billionaire friends with him and mopped up all the shares. I think if you would look a little closer at what he has done with OPK you will realize what is going to happen here. He is the CEO and Chairman of OPK, this is his baby, and he protects it fiercely, he has over half his substantial worth in this basket and he's not looking to make small change. He returned over 6000% to the shareholders in IVAX. History will repeat, I believe this sincerely and financially. You can believe whatever you want, time will tell, but the writings on the wall. What do your eyes tell you?

        It's much easier to doubt than believe.

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      • bcaits Aug 19, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

        you guys are going to benefit from opk's multiple platforms and the Dr. Frosts knowledge...

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