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  • bozedarbuddy bozedarbuddy Dec 27, 2012 9:05 AM Flag

    No volume yet?

    Anyone explain why there is no trade yet with this wonderful news.

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    • truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred Dec 27, 2012 11:30 AM Flag

      It's like my Urologist told me years ago regarding Volume. "It doesn't matter" "ounts is the quality of that one little fishy thing that gets to the egg". Quality over Quantity. the same applies here.
      We long longs are all quality eople. the newbies will be coming (no pun intended..well maybe a little)along soon.

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    • andersongordon Dec 27, 2012 10:38 AM Flag

      Though the launch has occurred, there was no quantification of the launch. Investors will wait to see monetary impact of the launch and the trajectory of adoption. Previous CRDC products were groundbreaking technology and "better than existing" options but did not take off as hoped. Sell $100k of product, no benifit. Sell $1,000k of product into European market and we will see movement of the stock towards midpoint of the $5.00 WEBBush price target. See $1,000k with sales trajectory still accelerating and $5.00 will be replaced with a higher target.


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      • From my understanding.while reading annual report, Pasport/c-port devices were not approved by CMS-Medicare for reimbursement back in 2006 or 2007. This makes for a harder US sell to hospitals. Especially
        for smaller vascular procedures outside of Cardiac procedures. Couple that with small marketing budget
        and I can see why that product hasn't been sdopted in US fully. However, Microcutter product
        line will not encounter that same problem. Go CRDC!

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      • The stapler niche is not the same as the cardiac products, as groundbreaking as they were.

        Think about the stapler on your desk, at one time much more clunky (wasn't considered clunky at that time) and now those who hold the patents for smaller designs are doing nicely.

        The XChange will offer another option to surgeons who value the smaller more articulate stapler for certain surgeries.

        The big thing here is the confidence CRDC has to launch this final design, they consider the risk to be very low for problems. Adaptability should spread as the Xchange offers benefits not offered by other staplers and it is not a "new" concept for surgery so the learning curve is negligible.

        Wedbush discusses financing to get them through 12 months, I think a buyout happens before that.

    • Fiscal cliff and debt front and center right now. Think we will see a delayed response. Big jump will come in January. Expect more coverage by MLV and Wedbush.

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