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  • mastercarpenter39 mastercarpenter39 Dec 31, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

    is crdc a 100 dollar stock trading at 1

    i dont think so but u guys been saying microcutter a billiondollar thing i dont see it ,,,,unless it can get like isrg......................imo

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    • Mastercarpenter, consider where the hammer has gone in the building trade!

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    • andersongordon Dec 31, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

      The linear on a strip revolutionary technology for stapling will permit 50% reduction in trocar (hole needed to have stapler cutter in the patients body). Staples fed from outside the patient through the tool without removing it instead of constant insertion and removal and insertion and removal...each with 8 steps and the possibility of injuring the patient. While using 316 Stainless Steel instead of the existing weaker material, with a tool that can get into places and curve around body parts not possible now at equal or lesser cost per application. This will open new operations in lung, kidney, and gastrointestinal surgeries that are not even done now. The ease and reliablilty of this new kind of stapler will eventually cannibalize parts of the 1 million glueing seals as well as replace the current 2 million conventional staple applications. At ~$1000 per application that is a $1.5-2.5 Billion domestic market. With gross margins of 70% (similar to ISRG and less than the current staplers are getting), and net margins of 25% (similar to ISRG), expect $500 million per year after taxes to be returned to the shareholders. At 40-50 million shares, that is $10 per share, and with a P/E of 10-20 stock price of $100-200 is well withing reason. Even $300 depending on how international adoption rolls out is possible.

      Consider the current $1 stock to be an option with no time limit. Not a bad investment!


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      • On this message board you have the ability to ignore the user, or report abuse. Both could be decent ideas here--if anything you just suggested was remotely true, ISRG would have already taken them out. Stick with CRDC as a current $1.50 stock trading at $1.00 until both the Exchange and Express get FDA approval in the USA, then take Wedbush's advice, it's then a $5 stock and time to sell. (Not really their advice, but a nice target sell price). Way too many smart folks in this business to overlook what you envision--it just ain't so.

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