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  • getitdone111 getitdone111 Feb 15, 2013 9:36 PM Flag


    In my experience development leads you to obstacles that present challenges that at times seem impossible to navigate. At those times you hunker down and become more intimate than ever with those seemingly random variables and master them knowing that its just a bigger barrier for the guy behind you.

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    • Do you think mgmt is not disclosing trial problems? Could that be the leak that caused the big sell off
      in december?

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      • I have no idea if management is "hiding" something. I know that in SEPT they said they would be done with the trial by the end of the year and then delayed the trial without notifying shareholders. Either they are incompetent in planning or they had unanticipated events. You pick...
        From experience I know it is common to encounter unexpected production problems when volumes are ramped up....but they can and should be dealt with quickly.
        If you remember their excuse for delaying the express the first time was that a MIM tool was producing parts that were not holding design tolerances and thus they had to re-verify/ validate the device to ensure it still worked through the extended range of tolerances…stack analysis etc. They then later supposedly completed this study and commenced the trial only to halt the trial shortly after due to issues with thicker tissue. I would expect they should have known if the device would work on the thicker tissue before entering the trial based on animal studies….pig stomach tends to be pretty thick.
        The core of Cardica’s stapler design is the staple. Everything else is built on the foundation of the staple design and its performance and its delivery. I have stated before the current art on the market has only evolved over time….the delivery mechanism has been tweaked and enhanced but the staple remains the same. Cardica’s approach is more than evolutionary but I’m hesitant to say revolutionary. But it’s the staple design that is the foundation of their IP. The staple design and delivery reliability has been tested in somewhat of a test tube until now……

      • mojo, don't you think they would have had to disclose that stuff at their latest conference call? The interesting fact that I see is the latest SEC !#G filings.
        Herbert Allen

        Are these parties just stating what stock they own in CRDC or are these new purchases?
        Either way, if they are not selling, I'd think there is still some potential in this stock. In at $1.10 and sitting tight.

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