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  • maphere maphere Sep 11, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

    New Microcutter Presentation

    About Cardica - Investor Media - September 2013 Investor Presentation

    Lots of good information, video, product comparison to existing staplers.


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    • Map, thanks for the heads up on this presentation! The final Microcutter improvements look awesome! Let's hope now they can focus on the EU market and drive some sales growth while awaiting the 510K quiet period. I had a surgeon tell me that an AMC sr leader was discussing future stapling products and a key feature being a tissue thickness safety lock.

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    • andersongordon Sep 12, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

      Loved the presentation. Well done for US Surgeons in anticipation of a Q1 2014 launch. If they can get the Exchange 45 and/or the Express 30 up and running in Europe by the time of the US launch, I think there will be great excitement about this leap in technology. I also like the safety factor of the capability to be used outside of the listed staple range. The statement that they have plans and are in the process of extending the range of the Blue staples from 2.5 to 3.0 millimeters will mean the Blue staple will be sufficient for all lung and colon surgeries, 850k annual US potential. The value is there...Great Job Dr Hausen and crew...
      I sure would like to have $10 million to invest in this company...I'd buy all of AMC's holdings, not just the 500k announced but all of their shares and then some.


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    • That was gross but really informative. Quater one should be great

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    • Another good presentation. The information on the ergonomic enhancements as well as the overidicated lockout are great as it shows they are continuously improving the device. Since they still have time I am wondering if they would be willing to add a slide at the end regarding their milestone targets for the Exchange 45 and Express 30 or at least discuss the "Portfolio" of product they plan to develop....and how that increases the market pie that they can approach with their products....just a thought. I have always liked Bernards presentations....the schematic of the inter rib access comparison is great as it depicts very simply a benefit that smaller shaft diameter.

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