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  • rexobXIP rexobXIP Sep 15, 2011 1:16 PM Flag

    what don't i get?

    Yeah, this is bothering me too. Along with huge insider sales this month, the weak sales price makes it seem like insiders know something we don't. The CEO sold a large percentage of his holdings, and left about a quarter million dollars on the table, relative to the proposed takeover price (and with the takeover scheduled to close in the next 3 months).

    Either, this is a great opportunity for a nice 8% return over 3 mos (30%+ annualized), or pertinent info is being kept quiet.

    For the record, I also called Co-Star. They say everything is good, though they are waiting for Anti-trust approval.

    Also, the trading price would normally be below the value of the deal, but only 1-2% given the short time frame if this deal was expected to close. Someone clearly thinks it is not going to close -- but they are not revealing themselves.

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    • I'm scratching my head too. I started buing when the spread hit 6% earlier this week but it's grown to 8%. Part of the reason may be because the overall market has moved up quite a bit quickly and investots may be taking money out of slow moving takeover stocks to invest elsewhere for the short term.

      This is a strategic, not a financial, acquisition that makes sense. They already have financing in place with a commitment JP Morgan and a revolving credit line, and CSGP also did a stock offering in May to raise cash. Shareholders have already approved the deal.

      The one negative is that there was a Rodino Act request in early July for further info but that's not too unusual and I think they have only 30 days to review after receipt of the info, whch shouldn't impact the closing date. I don't want to give too much weight to the insider sale.

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      • After reading through the pertinent forms on the SEC website, I agree. Appears a decent return can be made on this arbitrage in a few short weeks.

      • thanks for the reply much appreciated.

        it should be 19.08 right now this doesn't add up.

        It is very odd that the insiders are selling and look to be leaving a lot of money on the table. Something isn't right. More and more
        I don't trust public companies. I think we should all just stop
        investing in them and invest in ourselves as well as in active investments we control. Feels like there is a master puppeteer that controls all our passive investments anymore.