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  • triple_q_spy triple_q_spy Sep 12, 2003 2:12 PM Flag

    Even his own mother ...

    A word about my son and the QQQ
    by: charles_mansons_mother (93/F/Chatham, NJ) 01/05/02 01:07 pm
    Msg: 7640 of 11923

    "I naturally cannot put a number on how high qqq will go, but this I know it is a screaming buy, an opportunity of a lifetime."

    Anyone reading this post should consider the source. Yes, it's the same guy who wrote the post below back on 8/1/01, managing to come within pennies and minutes of top ticking the market. Yes, QQQ peaked at 44.02 that very day about 20 minutes after my son squealed like the most bullish of pigs BUY!, and the descent straight into the depths of hell to roughly $27 was begun. You need only pull up a chart of the S&P500 to see that his SPY call was equally ill-timed.

    Now he claims to be buying 500 QQQ at 41 something? Perhaps you're wondering what he did with the shares he said he bought at 43 and change back in August? Take it from this misanthrope's mother: my son no longer has the mental faculties to execute this as a paper trade let alone the financial resources to actually have a brokerage account. What little we had from my husband's life insurance Charles lost buying the TWE IPO. He claimed he'd get it all back by quadrupling down at $21 and trying to scare the company's detractors into buying by posting under aliases such as calanza! as well as trying to beat people up at the Chatham branch, but finally he insisted on taking the shares in certificate form and burning them in hopes of achieving at least an emotional catharsis. Even this pathetic undertaking went awry and Charles got his fingers burned in the process. Now we are literally without a pot to piss in and the emergency room bill remains unpaid.

    As a mother it's hard for me to admit that my son is less than worthless, but some of you may have already concluded that after what he did to Sharon Tate and the others. I thought he had turned over a new leaf, but I was sorely mistaken. My advice to you: put my poor deranged son on permanent ignore.

    "Spy and QQq charts very bullish
    by: kennethcharlesmason 08/01/01 11:12 am
    Msg: 29968 of 31962
    Look for a nice move on the upside. Remember this is the biggest transfer of wealth in history which is ans was to the baby boomers who have no fear and will not put their money under the bed. My protagonists better be under the bed when they see me. The Chatham, New Jersey office has a few remaining breaths. Good bye Pete, Get a good spanking and wise up."

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