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  • barbara_ann_hollin barbara_ann_hollin Apr 1, 2009 3:32 PM Flag

    can they devalue our shares any more?

    How many more shares of stock can TD issue to devalue the current shares outstanding. I don't get it, seems every quarter they issue more and more shares and the funniest thing is you would think the stock would sink. When earnings come out and EPS is lower, that's when it will sink....

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    • bar bar bar, bar barbara_ann--that was "COOL" You sound like you really want this to "GET DOWN"! Is there a reason you sound so negative about a stock that is performing well? I am really "HIP" to your motives, but thought that maybe some would think that you were really long and wanted to see TD "GET IT ON" and rally! I would suggest that you get "WAY OUT" of that short position and join the winners who are long.LATER DUDE!

    • Are you serious? Do you know how many banks are wishing they could sell preferred shares in the 6% range? The answer is all of them. If they put the cash to work it doesn't dilute earnings, it grows it.

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