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  • jamaleco jamaleco May 14, 2004 5:34 PM Flag


    MSN has announced in response to a slew of venal lawsuites that they would buy 2 million of their shares in the open market. I don't think that they have accomplished their goals and I can't blame them for not telling their detractors how much money they have made in the last quarter if indeed they have made lots of it which I believe is the case. If they had a bad quarter they would let it out to further depress the stock and buy back more of it.
    Any reduction of the float increases Mr. J. stronghold over the stock.
    If any fast operator took a short position based on charts or other garbage, I would recommend that they cover real fast.

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    • jamal
      let me see if i understand this. you think msn is under reporting earnings to support their buy back? and shhhhhhhhhh - they really have great earnings but are waiting until the 12th of never to report them? isnt this the reason they got sued in the first place? and now you are suggesting they are intentionally doing it again? these are wonderful theories of why to invest in a stock. did you own enron as well?

      youi should be ashamed of yourself for even posting such garbage.

    • Jamal, what I've tried to do here over the years is give posters a certain sense for what the company is all about. All through that time frame I've been more than willing to call buy points, predict target prices on the upside, and then back away from making statements that might encourage readers to get in at a level that seems excessive.

      Throughout that time frame, you've argued the fundamentals while I've argued the "market analysis" point of view (call it technicals if you want, but it's more than that) which was taught to me by a master - Bob Farrell of Merrill). I would venture to say that any (long-term) unbiased reader here knows that my statements have, for whatever reason, been spot-on as opposed to your perpetual cheerleading. So when you mention "embarrassment", yes, this time my prediction didn't hold water - at least for the short term. Whether I "stand by it" is not a question that a seasoned investor would ask. The fact is that the stock price had a great opportunity two weeks ago to break into new territory. It didn't. It was repulsed, and now it's in never-never land for everyone out there who views a chart pattern as input in making an investment decision. So what would you like me to say? That I'm deadly sure of the fundamentals?

      The same thing happened with my simultaneous call on the dollar (it's just remained horizontal, but also has not broken out to the upside). The only thing I can say about both "investment opportunities" is that no one in the entire world appears to like either of them. I like such situations. But MSN's recent trading pattern isn't exactly a vote of confidence in the stock.

      So forget the buy-back program. Forget Mr. J's "stronghold on the stock". What you should be concerned about is whether anybody else in the entire world is interested in buying the company's shares.

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