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  • bengrahamvalueinvestor bengrahamvalueinvestor Jun 4, 2005 9:15 PM Flag

    This explains the downtrend!

    For the last time---ASEI is not in the business of RPM's as described in these releases. See companies like RAE!!!!

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    • Lots of pumping here on how ASEI was going to solve all port and ferry problems world-wide. Guess that leaves X-Ray body searches which are a "shoe-in." It's only UP from here! Clearly ASEI is undervalued at these prices, don't you think? Diamond in the rough...our little gem...train leaving the station, etc etc.

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      • What??? My view on ASEI has not changed.... SAIC is a formidable competitor in big Cargo soloutions--which I recently stated!! You obviously have not read the research I mentioned that you should read--when you do--contact me--Good Luck-Ben

      • I can not spell it out any more simple than I have.

        ASEI has a products-- the ZBV--which is one of the only products in HS industry that is selling. That product has opened doors for ASEI much like the IPOD is opening up doors for Apple. Buyers of security equipment are just now learning about Backscatter as a technology--it has been around for a long time, but the ZBV has put ASEI back in front of many buyers that had dismissed them in the past. Ports and Border equipment had been the bread and butter sales of ASEI pre-ZBV. Now, ASEI, and a whole lot of other companies should be getting a much bigger amount of orders in BIG Cargo solutions. If ASEI's piece of the larger pie remains the same percentage they should do very well. VERY WELL. The ZBV should continue to grow at a steady if not superior rate as everything else. Ferries, Bridges, Tunnels---are are opportunities. These opportunities could bring big orders in the future.
        The bodysearch is a BIG wildcard. It had been dismissed by many, including previous ASEI management as a viable TSA product. Times change--now it looks like it day may come. If it does it could bring 100 million or so in revenues in 2006 or 2007 and maybe more....WHO KNOWS??? If it brings 1/3 that it will be huge for ASEI. HUGE! I don't know the DHS plans, nor does ASEI or probably even the DHS at this point. So if someone invests in ASEI on Monday, they will be buying into a company that has doubled its backlog year over year, should likely continue to grow at a very steady pace and COULD shoot up like a rocket at some point in the near (next 6 months) future. The company has lots of seeds planted. Some are sprouting;some could sprout and some will lay dormant for years. The US govt tested the Bodysearch equipment in 1999, 2003-2004 and will soon be testing the new improved modified version. Orders may not come in a big way until 2006 or 2007. The market will likely judge the potential of orders well before things are finalized. That is still far into the future it would seem. Many of us felt the TSA would have started their next round of testing by now--they haven't--they will--but haven't. This company is growing very well without BIG CARGO solutions, without any bodysearch sales. Investors don't need these to come to fruition to make money, but if one or two areas grow like they could....Who knows??

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